Vegetarian Beet Borscht

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I hope you’ve had a less chaotic week than me! The Twincesses have been off their rockers, totally hyper, crazy, insane this week! Napping has also been infrequent, as has been their listening skills…#momlife

I’m so glad that today this Momma gets a day off! Hubby’s parents are going to spend the day with The Twincesses so this lady is going solo to the gym, getting her nails done, meeting Hubby for lunch, and going shopping!Hooray!

But before I do all of that, I thought I’d share with you all a delicious vegetarian borscht recipe!My in-laws are Ukrainian, and my Mother-in-law gave me her recipe, and I added a few extra’s!

It’s suuuuper easy to make and requires only a few ingredients! Try it out!  For the borscht I made last week I chose to go to a local vegetable market and use all fresh and local ingredients!  I swear it made the borscht taste extra good!










If you have any tasty and traditional recipes you’d like to share with me, please do in the comments!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend lovebugs!


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