Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Greetings from Cabo Lovelies!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  We’ve been relaxing, exploring, swimming, and soaking up the sun here in Mexico!  

Can you believe that in just over a month it’ll already be Valentine’s Day?  Are you one of those people that loves and celebrates it, or someone who ignores it and thinks it’s a silly commercial holiday?

I LOVE Valentine’s day, because I am obsessed with hearts and the color pink, so it’s totally my holiday!  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Hubby always gets me a few prezzies and flowers, and we get to spend some quality time together!  

So, if you’re like me and you love the girly-ness of the holiday, and you need some gift ideas to give your significant other, then I gotcha covered with my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her.   


All of these gifts are items that I love and want for myself (hint hint Hubby) and that are super easy to order online, or go out and buy!   I’ve linked sites you can view them on by clicking the name of the items!  

1. Kate Spade “Unlock my Heart” Idiom Hinged Bangle $78

This is probably the gift I would want most on this list because HEARTS!  Anyone who know’s me knows that I am obsessed.  My engagement ring is a heart diamond, I have heart tattoo.s, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, but no bangles!  And c’mon, what girl doesn’t love a lil Kate Spade!  I also appreciate that it’s a hinged bangle, making it easy to put on and take off!    

2. Mono Heart Tee & Shorts Pyjama Set $31

I love Pyjama’s and think these one’s from Asos are so stinkin’ cute!!! Great for girls who aren’t as into pink as I am…

3. Coach “Prairie Satchel” $295 on sale for $147.50

I’m a prairie girl, so I can’t even!!!!  I just love Coach sooo much!  I even have a Coach Diaper Bag! But now, they go and steal my heart by making the cutest bag ever, AND it comes in two different shades of pink, Dahlia and Cerise, as well as a few other colors, all in pebble leather.


 4. Vera Wang “Princess” Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml $100

I’m so freakin’ allergic to perfume but I don’t even care because I want this one so much!  It’s has a lovely floral and fruity scent with hints of vanilla.  And I would totally buy it just because I LOVE the heart bottle with crown!   Like for real.  Just to have it sit out as decor.


5. Michael by Michael Kors “Keaton” Heat Sneaker $125

As if I didn’t already love Michael Kors enough, then he goes and makes adorable runners with a heart on them.  Like shut up and take my money, Michael!  These leather sneakers come in black or Cement, which is a taupe-y grey.

6. Estella Bartlett “Smile Love Dream” Open Heart Necklace $39

I adore the simplicity of this necklace.  It’s so cute and chic!  It’s goldtone plated and the chain is 16 1/2″ with an additional 2″ extender.  Plus it’s super affordable!


 7. “Little Pink Hearts” clear iPhone 7 case $11.39

 Adorable and cheap.  Winning! 

8. “New Look Heart” Frosted Robe $31

Another Asos find!  This robe looks so cozy, it’s cute, and as a short legged gal I like the length of this one.  I can’t stand long, bulky robes.  

9Kate Spade “Valentine’s Day Heart to Heart” 3 pack of socks $24

Am I the only one who loves getting socks as gifts?  New socks are like my fave thing in life.  No joke, if I was rich I’d wear a pair of new socks every damn day!  These Kate Spade Valentine’s Day socks are just so darling!  

10. Perfect Tea Set “Dots & Hearts” $25

A cute ass mug, stainless steel tea infuser, a ceramic stir spoon and a wooden tray with grooves to help hold it all!  Hooray, it’s also dishwasher safe! 


If your Hubby is lucky enough to win the lottery or has a spare $850 around, OR if you’re single and happen to find a rich sugar daddy before Valentine’s day, be sure to ask for these FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS Christian Louboutin “Coralta Mia” heart pumps….and if you really want to send me a pair Louboutins run a 1/2 size small so I’ll take a 9 please and thanks 😉 



Which gift idea is your fave?  Let me know in the comments below!  

Have a fantastic rest of the week lovebugs!



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