Valentine’s Day Dinner with SkipTheDishes

*This post is sponsored by SkipTheDishes however all thoughts and opinions are my own!*


Valentine’s Day is coming up, have you made plans yet?  I love Valentine’s Day, but am not a fan of actually going out to celebrate it. First of all, we have brutally cold winter’s where I live, so dressing up in a cute dress and shoes would be at the (very real) risk of losing a toe from frostbite, or developing hypothermia.

Secondly, if you’re organized enough to have made a dinner reservation a few months in advance then hooray, you get to eat at a restaurant without having to wait hours for a table, but chances are that you will be forced to dine with a time limit. If you didn’t make a reservation, have fun waiting in the restaurants loud and crowded lobby, super romantic.  NOT!

For the past few years Hubby and I have ordered in on Valentine’s Day, and one of us (him) always had to go pick up the food, because the only places that delivered were Chinese food and pizza places, very annoying.

I’m so glad that this year will be different, because I recently discovered a solution to our problem when I learnt about SkipTheDishes. STD is a food courier service that allows you to order food from local restaurants that don’t offer their own delivery. Genius.


SkipTheDishes has everything from fast food to fine dining and everything in between!  Want sushi, they have it!  East Indian, yup!  Steak and ribs, you betcha!  The delivery fee’s are minimal when you order from STD, and depending on what restaurant you order from, there might not even be a fee when you spend a set amount!

Hubby and I were craving Asian food, so we recently ordered sushi burritos and curry through STD and were amazed by how easy and convenient it was! You can order from their website or app, and track your food from the moment you order, until the delivery driver shows up at your door.




SkipTheDishes is currently available throughout Canada and several states.  Be sure to visit their website for more info and to place your order!  Bon Apetit!



I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!  What kind of food would you like to have delivered to celebrate? Head over to my Instagram for the chance to win a $50 credit for SkipTheDishes!

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