Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Happy Friday Friends!

This summer Hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary!  I can’t even believe it!  The past 5 years have just flown by!  

My Hubby is not a fan of gifts.  He ALWAYS says not to get him anything whenever it’s his birthday or a holiday, and he actually means it!  He doesn’t like when people spend money on him for some reason, but I of course am the total opposite.  I loooove getting presents any day of the week, and I also really enjoy finding and buying gifts for others as well!

I am a sucker for traditions, so ever since our first wedding anniversary I have gotten Hubby a gift that is the designated traditional anniversary gift.  And because I like to get everything done way in advance, I’ve already found this years gift, hooray!  

If you like the idea of gifting your man with traditional gifts to celebrate your anniversary, but aren’t quite sure what to get him, I’ve got you covered!  I’ve rounded up some fabulous traditional anniversary gift ideas to get you through the first 10 years of marriage.  You’re welcome.


1st Anniversary ->Paper:  I had our wedding vows printed up and framed, ‘cause I’m cheesy and romantic like that.

Other cool ideas could be: concert/sports game/plane tickets, homemade date cards, a photo album, a map with the places you’ve traveled together marked down.

2nd Anniversary ->Cotton: I’m lame, and just got hubby a bunch of new clothes, but he hates to shop and really needed a wardrobe update, so he was happy!  

Other gift ideas: car seat covers, sports team jersey, cotton candy and a trip to a fair/amusement park, personalised barbecuing apron, a new hat,

3rd Anniversary ->Leather: I got hubby a designer leather belt. Again, it was something he needed, but would never go out and buy himself.  

Other gift ideas could be: a wallet, jacket, boots/shoes, briefcase or laptop bag, chair,

4th Anniversary ->Fruit/Flowers: I made hubby a chocolate covered strawberry bouquet, and a “bouquet” with little trinkets that he likes.  Who doesn’t love fruit covered in chocolate?  

You could also go for fondue, and get fruit fondue for dessert, Apple tech items could be a great twist on the fruit theme, like an Apple Ipad or TV, Appleton Estates Rum,

5th Anniversary ->Wood:  Hubby looooves watches, and really liked the cool womens wood watch that I got from JORD last year, so I decided to get him one! 








JORD wood watches are the perfect gift anytime, but especially for a fifth wedding anniversary gift!  The watches are so sleek and sophisticated, perfect for work, or date night, but also durable and strong enough for everyday wear. and life with kids!  I got hubby a gorgeous men’s watch, made with walnut wood and with a jet black face plate, from the Conway Collection.  I’m also giving one away to a lucky winner, you can enter the contest HERE Contest closes May 14th, 2017.

Other gifts could be: personalized wooden cutting/cheese board, wooden chess or poker set, wood watch box,

6th Anniversary ->Candy/Iron:Gift basket of favorite candies/candy bouquet, personalized M&M’s,  golf clubs, cast iron cookware, Iron man movies/paraphanelia, weight lifting set, iron bottle opener…

7th Anniversary ->Copper/Wool:A copper bar set, headphones, cufflinks, tie clip, pocket watch, mugs, flask, zippo, picture frame… wool socks, sweater, slippers, tie, coat…

8th Anniversary ->Bronze:Ideas could be a bronze x-box controller, cufflinks, zippo, money clip, tie clip, pocket watch, flask,..

9th Anniversary ->Willow/Pottery:You could go to a pottery studio and make something together, or buy a ceramic chess set, ceramic poker chips, personalized/graphic mug…go to Willow in Alaska, a cricket set, a willow basket + picnic date…

10th Anniversary ->Tin/Aluminum:A beer cake, a tin bucket full of all his faves, wrap your gift in tin foil, a bike, fishing rod…

If you have any great traditional gift ideas to add please let me know in the comments!  

Have a fabulous weekend Lovebugs!!!!


A big thank you to JORD for providing me with the watch to gift to my hubby!  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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