Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids

Hello Lovelies! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and that your week has been stress-free so far!  Speaking of stress, does anyone else practically break out into a sweat and panic at the thought of taking their lil monsters to the grocery store?  That used to be me.  Now, I’m cool, calm and collected, even when it’s just me and The Twincesses at the store, so I thought I’d share with you all my tips on grocery shopping with kids so you can hopefully be the same! 


1) Make a list- ALWAYS do this.  Making a grocery list will help save you time and money!  If you have an organized list of the items you need to buy you won’t end up going down the aisles you need nothing from, and from grabbing things impulsively that you don’t need.


2) Get to know your grocery store.  The aisle signs in grocery stores are pretty vague so it can make finding specific items a little confusing.  Rice cakes, are they in the cracker aisle?  Snack food aisle?  Rice aisle?  If you get to know which aisle the items you buy the most are in this will save you from wandering aimlessly down each aisle, and from grabbing things you may not need.


3) Know what the best time to go grocery shopping is for you.  Do your kiddo’s have tons of energy in the afternoon?  Probably not the best time to go.  Are they more calm and quiet before or after a nap?  Or are they cranky and tempermental?  Do your kid get anxious or uneasy around lots of people?  Then avoid busy times like weekends and early evenings.  For us the best time to go is in late morning, or early evening when The Twincesses have burnt off some energy, but aren’t at the point where they are too tired and cranky.   

4)  Price match.  This will make your life and shopping way easier!  If you know what items are on sale at other stores, and have proof (copy of their flyer or online flyer on your phone) then you can have your grocery store match the prices of their competitors, which means you don’t have to drag yourself or your kids to multiple grocery stores!  Thank goodness!

5) Pack snacks.  Food is an excellent way to distract kids from grabbing everything off of the shelves and causing trouble at the grocery store!  If I forget to pack snacks I will actually go and grab a box of crackers or granola bars, open it and give some to The Twincesses (and pay for it of course) to avoid total toddler destruction.  


If you’re looking for a mess-free and easy way to give your kiddo’s snacks while shopping I’ve gotcha covered! My friend Julie at Snap & Shop has created the most genius snacking tray to connect onto your shopping cart so that your kiddo’s can have their hands free to munch on snacks while you get your shopping done.  You guys, it’s so freaking brilliant!  It takes like a second to attach to the cart and has 2 compartments to hold yummy snacks.  Hubby and I have lliterally been separating The Twincesses into their own carts to avoid the fighting and chaos while shopping, and now we can go back to one cart because they’re too busy eating to fight! Hooray!


Head on over to my Instagram to win your very own Snap & Shop shopping cart snack tray in either blue, aqua or pink! Full details on this contest are there!  Good luck!

I hope these tips help make grocery shopping a better experience for you and if you have any other tips I’d love for you to share them in the comments!

Have a great rest of the week, friends!!!


*The Snap & Shop was gifted to me, however all thoughts and opinions are honest, and my own* 

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