The Best Drugstore Lash Primer for Under $10

Ladies (and makeup lovin’ men) I am SOOO excited to tell you about my latest makeup find.  It is the holy grail of lashes!  I’ve heard a lot over the past year about “lash fibres” and mascara’s like Younique and Too Faced lash fibres have become increasingly popular.  Even many “drug store” makeup brands (Maybelline, L’Oreal…etc) have started coming out with their own lash fibre mascara.  Here’s the thing though, while I have been super curious about lash fibre mascara, and really wanted to give one a try, I didn’t want to fork over the cash, as they’re mostly expensive, and I didn’t want switch to another mascara because I’ve been very happy with my fave drugstore mascara’s, especially, Maybelline Lash Stiletto.

Recently when I was wasting time on Pinterest I happened to come across a Pin about a lash fibre primer that you put on underneath any mascara, and it’s meant to give the same effect as a lash fibre mascara, but it’s the primer that has the fibres in it.  This got me curious, so I googled the brand, Hard Candy, and found out that it’s sold at Walmart for $7, SCORE!  So the next time I went to Walmart I picked it up and OH EM GEE!!!  It’s fan-freaking-tastic!  I have naturally long lashes, but these fibres made them look like I was wearing false lashes, but in a more natural way if that makes sense.



 Mascara only

Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Primer with Mascara

So if anyone wants to jump on the lash fibre bandwagon, I definitely and highly recommend Hard Candy “1000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Primer”, at only $7 if you aren’t a fan at least you didn’t waste a ton of money.  But seriously, I can’t think of a reason why someone wouldn’t LOVE this product!

Let me know of any great and affordable makeup finds in the comments!


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