The 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Hello Lovelies! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  This weekend my family celebrated the arrival of my first niece Keira, who is soooo freakin’ cute BTW! 

My brother and sister-in-law live in Gatineau Quebec, so although Kiera was born in November (a month premature) the family didn’t get to meet her until they came to town this past week.   You guys, it was so awesome having a lil bitty baby around, minus the crying throughout the night-I didn’t miss that part AT ALL!  But since The Twincesses are not very interested in snuggling with this poor mama most days, I enjoyed all the baby cuddles I could for the past week while they stayed with us!

My parents (who live in Alberta) also came to town, so while everyone was in one city, we decided to throw a baby shower, which I of course baked a crap ton of treats for!  The entire family had a great time meeting and spoiling baby Keira.

Like a lot of expecting mama’s, my sister-in-law didn’t have friends or family with kids, so she asked me tons of questions throughout her pregnancy about baby products.  Being a new mom is overwhelming, and sometimes you have no clue what you need, let alone which products are the best, so whenever someone has a baby I like to give them items that they may not even think to get for themselves, but will end up loving.  And that’s where The Baby Cubby comes in handy.  


The Baby Cubby is a retail store, parenting resource, and an online retailer which takes the best of the best baby & toddler gear, products and brands, and puts it all on one site, to make shopping for new moms and their little ones quick, easy and stress-free. 

1) Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle – 4 Pack

I bought these for my niece because I looove these swaddling blankets!  I was actually gifted a set when The Twincesses were born and have been a fan since because they’re 100% muslin, get softer every time you wash them, come in many patterns, and are multi-functional.  You can use them to swaddle, as a burp cloth, to cover the car seat and much more.  

2) Skip Hop Grab & Go Baby Food Storage Tower

This handy dandy bunch of containers is freakin’ awesome because they can be used separately, or can be locked together.  I liked that the containers have a handle and that their shape fits nicely into the bottle compartment of diaper bags, and into cupholders which is great for the car, or stroller! 

3) Bumkins Nintendo Silicone Teether

Do I even need to explain why this is the greatest teether in life?  Sooo cute and retro!  Givin’ me flashbacks to the early 90’s!

4) Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover

Y’all know I love multi-functional items!  This cover is a great gift for any parent whether or not they plan to breastfeed because it can also be used as a car seat cover, a scarf, or my fave use as a shopping cart cover, so your child doesn’t touch the gem-filled cart handle

5) Crane USA Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier

I wish someone had told me that this was something important to have for babies!  We ended up buying this exact one (except pink, of course) when The Twincesses had a really bad cold, and now we use it all the time because the winters are very dry where we lilve, and this humidifier makes it easier to breathe. 

6) EZPZ Mini Mat

Bought this for my lil niecey too because I know how great it is for parents who travel a lot or who are on the go!  It makes mealtimes and clean ups easier once baby starts eating, and promotes self-feeding! It’s made of silicone, so it’s super flexible, making it easy to throw in the diaper bag.

 7) Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bibs

Another thing I bought Kiera! – I wish I had known about bandana bibs when The Twincesses were babies!  I used to go to the dollar store, buy adult scarves and cut them into smaller pieces to make bandana bibs for them when they were all drool-y and teething because I was sick of putting regular, ugly bibs on them!  Bandana bibs are adorable and work great!

8) Freshly Picked Moccassins

Another item I love and wish I had sooner for my girls!  I didn’t get these until recently (you can read about it here), but man they would have been so useful when The Twincesses were little, because these shoes actually stay on babies’ feet!!! 

9) Coco and Kiwi Provence 5-Piece Diaper Bag

There is nothing worse than having a hideous diaper bag!  When you have kids you almost never bring your purse anywhere anymore, so it’s fabulous to have a stylish and fuctional diaper bag like this one! I wish I had one of these years ago! 

10) Baby Cubby E-Gift Card

Don’t  have a clue what the momma-to-be or new momma needs?  No problem!  Give an E-Gift card to The Baby Cubby and let her pick out some awesome stuff for herself and baby! 

All of the items I’ve listed are either items I’ve used and loved, gifted (which were also loved) or that friends of mine have purchased themselves and recommended! Bonus, The Baby Cubby also helps you save time and money by offering free shipping nationwide on all online orders over $49 and by price matching daily. 

I hope this list helps make your gift giving easier the next time you are blessed to attend a baby shower! 

Any other gifts you’d recommend to expecting or new momma’s?  Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a fabulous week!


This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby, however all thoughts and opiniones are honest, and my own. 

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