Missing Child Emergency Kit: Important Information for Police

The Twincesses start kindergarten in the fall, and the thought puts me into full on panic mode! Their school district has decided to change kindergarten from Monday to Friday half days to every other day, full days…cue me, crying and having a nervous breakdown. For real. I have literally broken down in tears about it more times than I care…Continue Reading→


What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

When The Twincesses were babies, one time I underestimated how many diapers I would need when going to a friends house, only to run out.  My friends house was a 45 minute drive from mine, and the girls both decided to make poo explosion diapers right after I had changed them, and used the last of the diapers.  FML.  I…Continue Reading→


Feeding + Nutrition Tips for Toddlers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Enfagrow A+®. All opinions are 100% mine.   Making sure my twin girls ate healthy, nutritious foods was my biggest parenting struggle, hands down. There were tantrums, tears, and arguments about food daily in our house, some even before 8am. Has anyone else ever had a toddler request cupcakes for breakfast, or is that just…Continue Reading→


DIY: Mess-Free Play Makeup for Kids

  Are anyone else’s little girls OBSESSED with trying to touch, steal, and put on their expensive makeup? The Twincesses love watching mama put on makeup, and always want to play around with it, which although cute, it can be pretty costly to replace. I’ve purchased play makeup sets before, and one thing they all have in common is that…Continue Reading→


Having a Water Birth

Hello Lovelies! 4 Years ago I found out I was pregnant, and before I knew that I was carrying twins, I was interested in the idea of having a water birth.  Because twin pregnancies are automatically deemed to be high risk, water birth is not a possibility.  So, when I found out that an old friend I’ve known since elementary…Continue Reading→