Missing Child Emergency Kit: Important Information for Police

The Twincesses start kindergarten in the fall, and the thought puts me into full on panic mode! Their school district has decided to change kindergarten from Monday to Friday half days to every other day, full days…cue me, crying and having a nervous breakdown. For real. I have literally broken down in tears about it more times than I care…Continue Reading→


Tips for Flying with Toddlers

Hello Lovelies! As many of you know Hubby and I are headed to Cabo soon with The Twincesses, which I’ve obviously been packed and ready to go for over a month now, not even kidding.  The thought of being unprepared or forgetting something gives me MAJOR anxiety.  Justin thinks I’m totally nuts. I literally packed The Twincesses suitcases in mid…Continue Reading→


Lies I Tell My Children

Whoever said “Honesty is the best policy” clearly didn’t have children, especially toddlers.  I dunno about you Momma’s, but parenting The Twincesses requires a ton of little white lies just to make it through the day!  Hubby and I lie to avoid crying, tantrums, meltdowns, screaming, because we’re tired, because they’re tired, because we don’t want to, can’t, it’s too…Continue Reading→


Potty Training your Toddler

Hello Lovelies! As some of you know, I attempted to potty train The Twincesses last year, and it was an epic fail!  I was ready, but the timing wasn’t right (we had a chaotic summer and couldn’t fully commit) and The Twincesses just weren’t interested in their lil potties. and treated them like toys the majority of the time! The Twincesses…Continue Reading→


Loneliness in Motherhood

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and got to spend time with family and friends, while eating copious amounts of  cadbury mini eggs and other yummy chocolate! 🙂       Today’s post is one that I wrote a long time ago, when I was a new mom and battling a lot of new and different emotions.  I hope…Continue Reading→