February Favorites

Hello Beauties! Since it’s the last day of February 2019, I thought I’d share with you all some of my favorite things I’ve been obsessed with over the past month! 1. Stylize curved bobby pins: my sister has been using these for years, and has been telling me to try them out. I finally decided to buy a pack at…Continue Reading→


The Best Moisturizing Beauty Products

Winters here in Manitoba are extremely cold and windy. It often gets so cold that being outside for more than a few minutes with exposed skin can result in frostbite! As you can imagine, that kind of harsh, cold weather is extremely drying from head to toe, so over the years I’ve tried hundreds of different beauty products aimed at…Continue Reading→

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Lash Lift: What It Is and Why You Should Get One ASAP!

Ladies, and especially mama’s, when’s the last time you treated yourself? If you can’t even remember, it’s been waaaay too long! We get so used to putting everyone else’s needs and wants above our own that we forget about ourselves. For the first 2 years of The Twincesses lives I never truly made time to do something nice for myself.…Continue Reading→


The Best Drugstore Beauty Products for Under $10

Hello Beauties! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season spent with family and friends! We definitely did, especially The Twincesses who got about a billion toys!  As soon as Christmas was over, of course we all had to get sick, and not even at the same time! I’d much rather get it over with and all be sick and…Continue Reading→


The Best of Sephora’s Limited Edition Value Sets 2017

Happy Monday, Friends! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I spent mine finishing up all my Christmas shopping, and scooping up a few goodies for myself at my fave beauty store, Sephora! While I was there I had to of course check out all of the amazing Limited Edition holiday/value sets in the store (and some online, beforehand) and…Continue Reading→