Swimsuits for All + Body Positivity

My body isn’t perfect. Not even close. I have loose skin, stretch marks, scars, bruises, and extra weight.  But this body is freakin’ amazing.  This body made, carried, and kept The Twincesses healthy and safe for over 40 weeks, and then birthed them, without needing a C-section, all of which is super rare in a twin pregnancy.  This body may not be perfect by societies standards, but it’s mine, and I love myself. 

Even though I’m not typically shy or self-conscious, I’ve never worn a bikini bathing suit.  All the ones you see at the mall seem to be targeted only to smaller women.  I’ve always wanted to wear one, and hubby always wants me too, but I could never find any that I felt comfortable, cute and confident in.  That is, until I found Swimsuits for All. 


Swimsuits for All carries all different styles of swimsuits from sizes 4, all the way to size 34.  Yep, you read that right, size 34! That’s something you’d never see at your local mall!  Considering the marjority of women in North America are bigger than a size 12 I  appreciate that a company is finally making sizes beyond the standard, and not just boring plain ones, that are meant to cover larger women up either!  The swimsuits are adorable, sexy, and everything in between and that’s why I was so thrilled when Swimsuits for All offered to send me any two swimsuits of my choice for our recent trip to Cabo.  Honestly, I had such a hard time choosing! There are just soooo many wonderful options, in fact, there are hundreds.  I’d be shocked if someone went onto their site and couldn’t find a suit they liked!

I ended up choosing two black bathing suits because I’ve never actually owned a black bathing suit.  For some reason all of my swimsuits tend to be pinks or blues, and I wanted something a little more chic, which to me, is black!  I chose theCharlatan Bikini (as featured in InStyle magazine, on Ashley Graham)



and the Shore Club Halter Swimsuit  which to me was a little more modest for swimming lessons with The Twincesses and for the kiddie pool! 



I expected to feel self-conscious walking around the resort and beach wearing the bikini, but I didn’t, like at all.   I love both of my swimsuits and can honestly say that I will be a Swimsuits for All fan and customer for life.

To anyone who is feeling insecure about their body but also wanting to rock a bikini. just remember this: If you want a bikini body, put a bikini on your body!   And never forget that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.   Let’s all work on loving ourselves in 2017, because we’ve only got one body, and one life to live.  Life’s a lot more fun when we’re happy, and confident. 

Have a great weekend lovebugs!






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