Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Hello Lovelies!

I Hope you’re all having a fabulous week and are enjoying the last few weeks of summer!  We’ve been enjoying the weather here, going to the beach, the kiddie pools, the park, and haven’t been too focused on the taking naps and potty training thing…which will certainly bite me in the butt when I want to get my lil monsters back on track before preschool and dance class start up again!  

I feel like this summer has been crazy busy with family and friends, and that I haven’t had a lot of quality time with my handsome Hubby!  Before we had The Twincesses Hubby and I used to go out on dates all the time!  We had all the time, money and freedom to do so, whenever we wanted.  Then, we had children and our dating life ended…Just kidding!  It didn’t end, it just went onto the back burner, and did become less of a priority.  

 I love the idea of a weekly date night with Hubby, but getting a sitter and actually leaving the house together on a weekly basis is easier said than done.  Life is busy, and often I find myself too tired to even want to get all done up and go out in public when I’d so much rather stay at home and rock my yoga pants and top knot.  And after a long week of work, I know Hubby would also rather chill at home sometimes too. 

Are you in a similar dating predicament?  No worries!  I’ve come up with some fantastic Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas for couples!  You’re Welcome! 





1) Indoor picnic with takeout food by the fireplace (if you have one), or by candlelight. 

2) A Bonfire for two, with s’mores, hot dogs and hot beverages, which are extra delicious with Baileys or Kahlua added

3) Netflix & Chill, with some wine, appy’s and snacks! 

4) Game night.  Play cards, board games, or video games, and have some yummy snacks & drinks

5) Try out a new recipe together.  Find a new recipe, prep, cook & eat it together, bonus points if you also make dessert.



6) Paint/craft night.  Find a picture you like (can be artsy, or funny) and both of you try to re-create it.  You can pick up cheap art supplies from any dollar store, or craft store.  If painting isn’t your thing, find a craft on Pinterest to do together!

7) Fondue for two!  You can find fondue sets for wicked cheap at Walmart, or any major store and have a nice relaxing dinner at home.  No set?  No problem!  You can melt chees and chocolate in your crock pot or on your stove top, in a pot or pan!

8) Have a snow date!  Sneak outside once the kiddo’s are asleep and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and just have some good old fashion fun!  Then come inside and warm up with some hot cocoa and a bubble bath together!  If it’s summertime you could do water guns and water balloons instead, then cool off with frozen margaritas!

9) Wine tasting!  Pick up a bunch of new wines (or beers if wine isn’t your thing) and try each one out!  Pair the types of wines to appetizers to enjoy them with

10) Have a theme night. Pick a person, place, or thing and plan an at home date around that!  For example if you chose Hawaii, eat Hawaiian food, drink Pina Colada’s, wear a flower dress or shirt, and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was set in Hawaii!



The nice thing about all of these date night’s is that they don’t involve a ton of work, and they won’t cost an arm and a leg to put together!  

Which date idea from the list is your fave? And if you have any other fun date idea’s please let me know in the comments!

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