Spring Break Activities for Kids

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Hope you all had a great weekend, and that Daylight savings didn’t destroy you!  I honestly don’t know why we can’t just get rid of it forever!  Anywho, spring break is just around the corner for school-aged children, and even though The Twincesses aren’t in school yet, they have a lot of older friends who they are looking forward to spending time with, while they have their break.

For parents looking to keep their kids entertained over spring break, I’ve made a list of fun things to do that both kids and parents are sure to enjoy, and bonus, they won’t break the bank!


1-Go to the Library

Not only will the kiddo’s have fun finding new books to read, but most libraries also have activities going on for children during the day!  We took the Twincesses for the first time last weekend, and they LOVED it!  I of course marked the occasion with Milestone Activity Cards, which I love sneaking into pictures of the girls when they do something for the first time!  It’s a great way to capture, and preserve the special moments with The Twincesses.






2-Have a picnic in the park

Pack some sandwiches and snacks in a cooler, along with a blanket and some outdoor toys, and head to the park for a few hours with the kiddo’s!  They’ll burn off some major energy!

3-Have a cookie or cupcake decorating party

Invite some of the kid’s friends over, and entertain them by having desserts for them to decorate with icing, candies and sprinkles.  They’ll have a blast and love the  yummy treats!


4-Do a scavenger/treasure hunt

Hide little toys or treats around the house along with clues for the kids to find.  Have the clues lead up to a bigger treasure/toy.  The dollar store is an affordable and great place to get the items you’ll need!

5-Have a movie party

This is especially perfect for crummy weather days! Invite your kids’ friends over, put out some treats, and grab a fun movie for the kids to watch together!  If you’re lucky this will give you some quiet-ish time to relax and sip some coffee! Bonus points if you’re friends with the parents of your childs friends, you can spend time together while the kids watch movies!

6-Go to a children’s art centre

Take your kids to an art centre where they can learn, and get creative.  Where we live there are kids pottery centres where the kiddo’s can make all sorts of neat things!

7-Go swimming at your local indoor pool

If you don’t have a beach nearby, or it’s too cold where you live, pack up the kiddo’s and head to your nearest indoor pool!  What kid doesn’t love swimming? And bonus, it will tire them out, so their sure to sleep well come bedtime!

8-Go to a museum

A sure fire way to entertain the kids for hours!  The Twincesses are obsessed with the children’s museum in our city, so we try to take them monthly.  They get to learn, while having tons of fun!


9-Go to the zoo/aquarium

Everybody loves the animals!  This is a guaranteed good time for all!

10. Go to McDonalds!

I know, I know, It’s not the healthiest option but damn it those McDonalds play centres are sooo freakin’ entertaining and fun for the kids!  The Twincesses can play there for hours while I get to enjoy some coffee, and company if our friends come too!  And c’mon who doesn’t love a happy meal?


The Twincesses and I have already planned a few play dates to do a few activities from the list with their friends!  What are your plans with the kiddo’s over spring break?

*Milestones Original Activity Cards were gifted to me, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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