Potty Training your Toddler

Hello Lovelies!

As some of you know, I attempted to potty train The Twincesses last year, and it was an epic fail!  I was ready, but the timing wasn’t right (we had a chaotic summer and couldn’t fully commit) and The Twincesses just weren’t interested in their lil potties. and treated them like toys the majority of the time!

The Twincesses will be 3 in October, so Hubby and I decided that when our current diaper supply runs out (by end of the month at the latest) we are starting to potty train again!  This time around The Twincesses are ready, I’m ready and we have a super chill summer with no major plans.  Also we threw out the freakin lil potties and bought potty seats that go onto our toilets. 

Since all the potty training info I read last year was not super helpful, and also probably total bullcrap (who gets a toddler potty trained in a day?)  I decided to ask my Momma friends on social media for their advice, tips, tricks and suggestions.  I received a lot of great ideas, but one friend in particular, Tracy, gave me detailed, practical and all around great information that I know is going to help me in the quest to potty train The Twincesses.   And BONUS she has allowed me to share her potty training info with all of you!


But first, meet Tracy!

Tracy is my ultimate mom-crush.  She’s a beauty inside and out, a magnificent mom, a loving wife, fitness guru, and an amaaaazing clean-eating cook!  Tracy believes in supporting others, especially women, in any way possible and I am so grateful for all of her kind words, advice and that we connected on Instagram this year! 

I hope that all you potty training Momma’s find her strategies to be helpful!  And if anyone else has other potty related tips and tricks they want to pass along, please share!!!!

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Hi Mamas! I’m a toddler mom with one little boy who is teaching me just as much as I am trying to teach him.  I found myself unexpectedly home after nine years of teaching and now we are winging it together.   My mission is to continue to help and teach others with meal plans, manageable fitness at home, and positive support so that we can continue to build each other up as we raise our babies in this big world.  Life is a little bit better when we are in it together. 

Potty Training Tips

Hey Girl,

Ok, I know how you feel here.  I was dreading this attempt at potty training with every bone in my body.  I did a passive attempt a few months too early and it was an epic fail.  I am not an expert and I didn’t follow any official plan (pretty much Googled as I went along and tried to pick and choose what I knew would be best for his personality from the options I found).  D gets really anxious and I knew if I overstressed the situation he would shut down.  Sooo, here’s what we did:

– Only addressed “#1” to begin with….focused on this for a few weeks before even entertaining #2.  I kept him in pull-ups (though some may disagree….it worked for us.  We called them “pull-ups”, not diapers), but got him used to the idea of going to the bathroom for his business.  

– On the first day, we had a “potty party day”, where we basically stayed home for a rainy day and played.  I hyped it up a little in the few days beforehand.  He got my full attention with fun games and activities we don’t always play.  BUT, the only condition was that he had to try to tell me when he had to go potty and we had to keep trying in intervals.  I kept pushing the fluids and had him without pants, but pull-ups.  We started on the little potty and every 25-45 minutes or so the timer would go off and we would have to try the potty.  He tends to hold it in, so as the time passed for longer periods (and no results), I kept setting it for smaller intervals.  I knew once he “succeeded”, he would be inspired.  There were accidents, and he didn’t always want to get on/stay on the potty….but the games and fun depended on it 🙂 When there was an accident, we cleaned up and moved on with little discussion. He got to pick an M&M for each time he was successful!

– The next day we tried intervals again and he got into a better groove.  He would camp out on the potty for longer periods if watching TV, but got a couple of successful moments.  This is also where I introduced a reward chart. I put his favorite movie/TV characters on it and showed him the boxes we had to check to get a BIG prize of his choice (about 12-15 boxes to start….second chart had double that…third chart eventually included 40 boxes and 3 mandatory “#2” boxes).  He got to mark the chart, which was a big thrill! I wanted him to FEEL successful. 

– By the third day, I picked “set” times he knew he would have to make a stop (in the morning, at night, before nap, etc.).  It would take a long time with each of these at first (lots of deep conversations between us), but the durations kept getting shorter. By the 4th or 5th day, we kept the set times and he was able to identify other moments he had the urge (mostly).  

– We went on and on with just this focus and he was still using the pull up for #2.  I started mentally preparing him that it was getting closer to the time to try the second half.  The summer camp he wanted depended on it (true fact). 

– For the second phase….he had the same fear and anxiety as he initially had with #1.  So, we first started by just trying to get the location right.  He was allowed to use the pull up, but had to try to do it IN the bathroom (he had moved to using the big potty at this point).  It took him a few days to get that right, but he started running into the bathroom to do it.  

– Next, we still had him go to the bathroom, but this time we transferred what we found in the pull-up to the toilet to let him see how it would work with flushing it.  Seems grosser than just throwing in the garbage with the pull up, but it actually alleviated the mystery.  He was fascinated by the process!! Two days of that and then he had to try to go on the toilet (to finish up that last reward chart!!).  We made a dramatic run for it every time he thought it could happen.  We eventually spent one full day again hanging at home and I watched his facial expressions and behaviors.  When it seemed to be getting closer I steered him to the bathroom.  We also lost all the clothing that day to avoid any sneaking into a corner…lol.  We must have been in and out of that bathroom dozens of times, but it was worth the investment. He still felt nervous for the first one, but I have to say, after that he hasn’t had a problem (knock on wood).  His timing got a little better each day and has had a consistent three weeks.  

So, that’s what we did.  Nothing magical and probably all pretty much similar to what you’ve heard, but I am here to tell you it WILL happen.  I know how anxious I felt, so ANY help I can provide I am happy to do so.  It basically comes down to knowing your babies, knowing what is going to make them feel most comfortable, most excited, and most empowered.  You know them better than anyone and you will KNOW what the best combo of methods & strategies are that will work for them.  And wine at night.  Definitely wine at night 🙂 🙂 xoxo

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