Loneliness in Motherhood

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and got to spend time with family and friends, while eating copious amounts of  cadbury mini eggs and other yummy chocolate! 🙂       Today’s post is one that I wrote a long time ago, when I was a new mom and battling a lot of new and different emotions.  I hope…Continue Reading→


Disciplining Toddlers

Yesterday The Twincesses and I had a playdate with a fave momma friend of mine, her toddler son, and her 9 month old daughter.   During our playdate my friend asked me if I ever spank The Twincesses, and how I discipline them.   This got me thinking that maybe a lot of other momma’s are having doubts, concerns, or questions…Continue Reading→


Life Hacks for Parents

OMG you guys!  Are you watching The Bachelor?  How crazy does Olivia seem?  I think she is living in some sort of alternate universe because girlfriend seems to have a very different view of her relationship with Ben than what exists…at least from a viewers standpoint!  Anywho, how is it only Wednesday?!  Does anyone else feel like this week has…Continue Reading→


Money Saving Tips + Tricks

You guys I just finished opening up a package from Carter’s and I am so freaking excited!  I ordered a ton of stuff and saved so much moola!  I got about $200 worth of stuff, maybe more, for $50!  Hooray!  I get so excited when I can save my family money because as a S@HM I don’t get a paycheque,…Continue Reading→


A Cocktail Guide for Parents

I swear this weekend I almost abandoned my children.  I dunno what got into The Twincesses over the weekend but they were freaking off the hook, totally insane, crazy disobedient and all around terrible.  If it weren’t for those few fleeting moments where they were sweet, full of love, kisses and cuddles, I legit would have packed my bags and…Continue Reading→