No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Torte

Hello Lovelies!

I went to a bridal shower this weekend, and the night before, whipped up two super easy, no bake, tortes, all in 5 minutes per torte!  Hubby got to enjoy some of the torte (he was helping at the shower), and gave his stamp of approval, stating that it’s officially his favorite dessert I’ve ever made!  I find this hilarious, because it’s literally the quickest and easiest dessert recipe EVER and yet it tastes so darn rich and delicious!  So, I thought I’d share this recipe with you all today!!!   

This delicious dessert is a Chocolate Chip Kahlua torte, very similar to a Tia Maria! If you aren’t a Kahlua fan you could easily substitute another liqueur like Baileys. But seriously, if you don’t like Kahlua we probably can’t be friends, because I LOVE it!  You could totally make this torte non-alcoholic too, just dip the cookies in regular milk, or even chocolate milk to jazz it up a bit!










Since it was such a hit at the shower, and with Hubby, I’ll definitely be making this torte more often!  Try this recipe out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! 

Have a fabulous rest of your week, Beauties!


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