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I know I’ve been absent from the blog for the last two months, and I’m so sorry! Life has been cuckoo bananas since May. To make a super long story short, I had a family health crisis to attend to for quite a few weeks, among a few other big events in the past month.

Now that The Twincesses are out of pre-school, and their activities are all done, it’s time to jump into summer mode! We’re a bunch of fair skinned ladies over here, so we like to practice safe sun, so today, I’m sharing with all of you my must-have summer products to keep the whole family protected!




Safety Shades-For car windows-these are a must-have, especially if your car windows aren’t tinted! They block out the UVA/UVB rays, protect your kiddo’s eyes, and helps keep the car a little cooler! They range from about $12-20, and can be found at most grocery stores, or chain stores like Walmart, Target, or Toys ‘R Us (if you’re in Canada). I really like the Brica brand ones (in photo), they come in a 2 pack and they’ve got a button to retract the shade for easy roll up!


Sunscreen Spray-We like Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ because it now comes in a formula that is without Oxybenzone, or Parabens, and also contains no added oils or fragrances. I hate having to slather on lotion sunscreens, they’re thick, and greasy and sunscreen sprays are so lightweight and easy to apply. They range from $5-12 and can be bought at any grocery or drug store.

bblüv Travel & Play Tent-These are genius, and would make summertime and vacationing with babies so much easier. I wish I had one of these when we took The Twincesses to Cabo when they were infants! This travel bed/play tent is about $80 and can be used indoors as a bed, or outdoors to protect little ones from the sun, sand, wind, and bugs. Bonus, it’s easy to fold and unfold thanks to a pop-up system, includes a canopy, carrying bag, removable mat and toys, and a retractable mesh.  bblüv travel & play tent can be purchased on Amazon, at Walmart, or Toys ‘R Us.


Rashguard Swim Set-These swimsuits provide way better sun protection and coverage than regular suits! They often come in t-shirt style as well as full sleeves, and have built in UPF 50 sun protection. Rashguards can be found at any kids clothing store, but my fave place to buy them from is Old Navy, because they’re affordable at under $25 full price, and they’re on sale almost always, and for at least 50% off!


bblüv Süni UV Protection Tent-Much like the travel & play tent this UV tent protects from sun, wind, and sand. Perfect for a day at the beach or park with toddlers and young children. It’s $60 and comes with a carrying bag, and is easy to set up and take down.

Lip Balm with SPF-People often forget about protecting their lips from the sun!  I can’t stand dry or flakey lips, so I always carry a lip balm with SPF with me in the summer! I really like Jack Black’s Moisture Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25, for $10.50 from Sephora. It comes in a few different flavors, and contains shea butter, vitamin E, green tea extract and antioxidants to soften and protect lips from sun damage.



Beach Umbrella-I use mine almost daily in the summertime! Between splash pads, the park, kiddie pools, sandboxes, and watching soccer games, a beach umbrella is my bff! Why is there never any shade at these places?  I’m fair skinned and burn easily so I like a big beach umbrella, that’s easy to assemble and that comes with a carrying bag for easy transport.  Beach umbrella’s can be found at any home store, and most grocery stores for anywhere between $15-40.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle or Sippy Cup– Staying hydrated while soaking up the sunshine is soooo important!  Stainless stell water bottles are fantastic because they keep water and other beverages cold for 12+ hours! I like the Contigo Autospout ones for adults and kids, because they have a spill-proof valve and a protective cover to keep dirt out. Stainless Steel Water Bottles can be purchased at most grocery and sports stores, for around $20 and Contigo ones are usually sold in multiples at Costco, for a better price! Munckin even makes their fabulous Miracle 360° sippy cups for toddlers and younger kids in stainless steel, I wish they made those when The Twincesses were younger! Genius!



Aloe Vera-It helps relieve sunburn with a cooling, soothing sensation, and forms a protective barrier to help skin retain moisture. Aloe Vera can be bought at any drugstore or grocery store for under $5. I like Fruit of the Earth brand because it’s alcohol free, and comes in gel form.

OtherSwimsuit cover ups and clothing with upf protection, water shoes, hats, and sunglasses are all super great for protecting everyone from sun damage.  All of these things can be purchases easily online and at most grocery or chain stores like Walmart.


Do you swear by any great products to keep yourself and your little ones safe in the sun? Let me know your must-have summer sun protection products in the comments below! I hope you’re all having an amazing summer so far!




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4 thoughts on “Must-Have Sun Protection Products

  1. Love the sunshade and bucket hat – we picked this up for our son at first. Had a harder time finding the right sunscreen. He hates when we put on “cream”!

  2. My family and I are about to be out in the sun a lot as we have some passes to a water park, so this is all great stuff to keep in mind in getting before we go!

  3. We are in a middle of the heat wave in California, so we’ve been hitting the beach a lot and although I put so much sun block on my little one, he still got too much son. Should have read your post earlier to remind me about bringing a rash guard for him!
    Such a good call to remember about lip protection too!

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