Money Saving Tips + Tricks

You guys I just finished opening up a package from Carter’s and I am so freaking excited!  I ordered a ton of stuff and saved so much moola!  I got about $200 worth of stuff, maybe more, for $50!  Hooray!  I get so excited when I can save my family money because as a S@HM I don’t get a paycheque, so I consider saving money to be a simple way to feel like I am “contributing” to our household income.  As an added bonus, when you save money on items, you generally save time, and what busy Momma couldn’t use a lil more time?

I thought I’d pass on my money saving tips and tricks so you can also save yourself a ton of time and money! 



Money Saving Tips + Tricks

1)Read the weekly flyers that are delivered to your home to save on groceries and household items.

->If you don’t get flyers, many stores have theirs online, or right in the store.  I am such a nerd, I get so excited on Wednesday nights to watch my fave TV shows, while reading the flyers and making my list of what’s on sale and where.  Every major grocery store in my city is a 5 minute drive from my house, and all are super close to each other, so I don’t mind going into more than one grocery store if I need to.  I usually don’t have to do this though because Superstore/Loblaws (where I do most of the grocery shopping) almost always has the same sales as it’s competitors, and if not they will price match! 

2)Sign up for loyalty cards/credit cards/point cards to places that you shop at most.

->I shop at La Senza a lot, so I have their loyalty card that saves me an extra 10% off purchases, I collect those stickers on the coffee cups at McDicks which gets me free coffee’s, I collect Airmiles, I earn PC points at Superstore which earns me free groceries, and the credit card that we use the most (which is affiliated with PC) also earns free groceries on all purchases we use it for.  No joke, hubby and I get minimum $100, (and usually more) in free groceries a month!  Wohoo!

3)Fill up at gas stations that give cash back or earn you points.

->We always fill up at the Superstore gas station because we earn cashback right away.  Also, hubby did the math and we save the most filling up there.  Places like Co-op also gives cashback at the end of the year, and Shell gives Airmiles. 

4)Buy in bulk.

->Bulk items or multi-buy deals save a lot of money in the long run, especially if it’s on items you use on a regular basis.  We always buy the big packs of meat at the store and then just portion it into smaller packs at home because it’s the best deal.  And if something is cheaper per item when you buy 2 or 3, we buy more as long as it’s something that we use and won’t go to waste.  Costco and other wholesale stores are really good for bulk items!  Also, if an item that we use super often is on sale we stock up and buy tons, especially because I also like to cook big batches of things like soups and then freeze them.

5)Shop for specialty/holiday decor items after the holiday has passed.

->Anything you may want for a major holiday will be wicked freaking cheap a day or even a few days after the holiday.  I always buy holiday home décor items like Christmas ornaments, or Valentines cards for the following year a few days (and sometimes weeks) after the holiday!  I just bought some super adorable Christmas cookie tins that were regularly $9 each for  0.94$ on Saturday!  Winning!  And last spring the Valentines, Fathers Day, and Mothers Day cards at Hallmark were all 10 for $1, and Hallmark cards are effing expensive normally! 

6)Buy children’s clothing at the end of the season and shop online.

->Kid’s clothes are generally not cheap and I refuse to spend $40 on a sweater that will have pasta sauce and possibly poo on it within 5 minutes, and won’t fit in a month.   I shop both online and in stores because both offer great sales that the other may not have I always buy The Twincesses clothes at the end of the season, and buy it for the following year.  !  So for example at the end of Summer 2015, I bought bathing suits for summer 2016.  I also bought next year’s Christmas pajamas a few days after Christmas and saved over 50%.  This can be tricky if you aren’t sure what size your kiddos will be, but stores like Carter’s (which is my all time fave) will let you return items even a year later if they don’t fit as long as you keep the tags on.  I always keep my receipts too, but Carter’s even keeps a receipt for you on their computer system so you don’t have to!  I’ve never had to return anything though because The Twincesses have always been right on par with sizing.  But even if a few items didn’t fit I would probably just keep them and either gift them to someone else, or donate them.  Buying clothing at the end of the season works just as great for saving money for adults clothing and shoes too!

7)Take hand-me-downs or shop second hand (if you feel comfortable doing so!)

-> I don’t have any friends or family with kids close enough to The Twincesses age to have gotten hand-me-down clothing but I did get a few toys and kiddy furniture that I gladly accepted!  I also pass The Twincesses clothing on to friends, as well as donate it to a social service agency that gives it to women on assistance.  I personally don’t feel comfortable shopping second hand, but I’ve heard you can find some great deals at second hand stores!

8)Shop for designer/brand name items at department stores or outlets

-> Stores like Winners, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohls, Sears, The Bay, Nordstoms….etc all sell designer brands but for a fraction of the cost.  I visit these stores often and always snag a great item for an even better deal!   And outlets are the holy grail!  If you like designer purses, luggage, accessories…etc, outlets are an amazing way to save tons of cash!  I don’t have any good designer outlets anywhere near me but anytime I’ve gone to one out of town I’ve always saved hundreds of dollars! 


->Why pay someone if you can do it yourself for free, or cheaper!  I made tons of decorative things for my wedding, The Twincesses baptism and their birthday parties rather than buy or rent them from someone or somewhere else.  I also always like to make my own cakes for celebrations rather than buy them from a bakery or store!   Same thing goes for house and yard stuff, if you or someone you know is handy and can do repairs and tasks for you, why hire someone?

10)Shop around.

->For our wedding I wanted a particular type of vase for our guest table centerpieces.  Every store that I went to wanted $20+ dollars per vase, and decorating companies wanted around $10 per vase.  So, even though it took me months, I went and hunted around and ended up finding the exact vases I wanted for $3 each!  It may take a little longer, but the savings can be substantial!

If you try any of my tips out you won’t be disappointed!  And then once you save some money you Momma’s should definitely reward yourself with a nice spa day for saving all that time and money 😉

Do you have any great money saving tips?  Please share!


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