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Happy Friday Lovelies!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and that you’ve gotten all your Christmas shopping done!  I’ve had family and friends calling and texting me for the past 2 weeks asking me what they can get The Twincesses for Christmas,  so I thought I’d share with everyone what’s popular with the little girl crowd this year just in case you still have some shopping to do!

The items on this list range from around $10 to $100 and the majority of these items can be found at any toy store (Walmart, Toys R Us, Target…etc) or can be ordered on Amazon, and prices may vary by store so I won’t bother listing all that info!



1) Moana Doll (or anything Moana related, really)

The movie is super popular right now so most little girls want a Moana doll or figurine of some sort!  We bought the Twincesses a doll, barbie and a large Maui talking plush because they said they love Maui and want to marry him, so I had to go buy him too!  

2) Elena of Avalor Dress up costume

This Disney show is super popular with girls 3-10 years old.  Peyton has literally worn her dress EVERY SINGLE DAY,  (for most of the day) since we gave it to her for her birthday in October.   Aubrey has yet to wear it because Peyton is so obsessed with it that she refuses to share.  Thank goodness Baba got a second one for Christmas!  There are also dolls and barbies as well, which will be under our Christmas tree this year too!

3) PJ Masks

Another popular show that every kid I know loves, but up until a few weeks ago you couldn’t find a single toy (at least not in Canada). Less than a month ago Toys R Us FINALLY got toys!  It’s the only store I know of that carries PJ Mask toys, and I’ve checked everywhere in my city over the past 3 months.  We bought The Twincesses the 3 main characters dress up costumes, and figurines, but I plan on buying them this super cool “Super Hero Headquarters” play set too once it’s back in stock, it’s been sold out basically since it first arrived.

4) Little Kitchen

When I was a kid my favorite toy of all was my little kitchen, and The Twincesses are no different.  They love to pretend to cook food for hubby and I, and I love that they are using their imaginations.  We bought this kitchen and restaurant combo this past summer and they still enjoy it! 

5) Pretend Makeup


Whenever I’m doing my makeup my lil divas want to touch and try all of it on themselves.   I had been searching for quite a while to try and find play makeup that didn’t actually transfer any color or residue onto their skin and was unsuccessful, until I found Little Cosmetics who were so sweet to send over two gift sets for my lil ladies!  Their pretend makeup sets are so freakin’ adorable!  They look and feel like real makeup too, but there is ZERO mess with all the fun!  The Twincesses can sit and pretend to do their makeup for hours!   

6) Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace by VTech

This magical palace is not only wicked cute, but it’s huge!  It’s over four feet wide when fully expanded and has so many different rooms where the little dolls can talk and sing.  There are also teaching buttons that introduce letters, words and colors!

7) Electric Quad

The Twincesses have so much fun going up and down the street on their quads, and they look so cute and bad@SS doing it!   The quads are good up to 20kg and it comes with a charger for the 6V battery which is included.

8) Disney Movies

Little girls love Disney movies!  This is such an easy and great gift to give to the girl who has every toy imaginable.  I always appreciate when the girls get Disney movies because I love watching them, and unlike certain TV shows I don’t find them super annoying.

9) Kid Tablet

I am not one of those parents who will buy their child an Ipad.  I think that’s totally insane.  I do however think that tablets are great for teaching young kids, and the perfect distraction device for kids while waiting at doctors offices, or to enjoy when travelling.   We have Innotab ones and the girls play on them regularly!  Hubby also figured out how to hack and load tv shows onto them for the girls to watch when we are on the airplane.

10) Art Stuff

Every kid likes to color and paint, so anything art related is always a great gift.  It encourages creativity and they’re always so proud of whatever they create!  I really like art easels for multiple kids because it doesn’t take up a ton of space and 2 kids can create art at the same time.

That’s my list!  Happy shopping friends!  If you have any other cool gift ideas for little girls be sure to let me know in the comments!


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