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OMG you guys!  Are you watching The Bachelor?  How crazy does Olivia seem?  I think she is living in some sort of alternate universe because girlfriend seems to have a very different view of her relationship with Ben than what exists…at least from a viewers standpoint!  Anywho, how is it only Wednesday?!  Does anyone else feel like this week has been suuuuper long and exhausting?  If you’re always tired like me, you will love today’s post!  

I am a huuuuge fan of anything that saves time, money, energy and makes my life easier in general.  Extra super ultra bonus points if something can do all of these things!   I’ve compiled a list of tricks that have been super helpful and useful for me as a busy mom of crazy Twincesses.  I hope that you give them a shot and that they maybe even help you save time and money that you can spend pampering yourself 😉 YOU DESERVE IT!  If anyone disagrees take The Twincesses or pretty much any toddler for the day.  Instant birth control, and possible cause of a total mental breakdown for anyone who’s never had kids…


-Pour soup broth into ice cube trays and freeze, then put them into Ziploc bags or containers for the next time you are having soup.  This is a great way to cool down your soup, or your toddlers without having to water down the flavor with regular ice cubes.  Same thing for coffee, freeze it for when you want iced coffee! 


 -Instead of buying pricey specialty containers for homemade baby food, use ice cube trays for this as well!  You can get them at any dollar store and they make the perfect size for little ones and the food cubes thaw very quickly!

-Wash and sanitize baby or toddler toys by putting them in the dishwasher.  This was something that occurred to me when The Twincesses were sick and teething and putting everything in their mouths.  I wanted to disinfect everything, and I thought why not use the dishwasher to do so! 


 -To occupy your child while shopping make him or her a Cheerio necklace, it will take them a while to work through it, hopefully giving you a chance to get your shopping done!  If that doesn’t work, try lollipops!  I typically buy organic, sugar free, vitamin lollipops from Winners and Marshalls (you get like 50 for $6) but I’m not opposed to buying regular sugared ones either if I’m out of the organic ones.  I’ll do just about anything to keep The Twincesses calm and occupied while shopping.

-Sneak veggies into just about any food without your picky toddler noticing by pureeing them in your food processor.  I do this in soups, sauces, rice, quesadilla’s 


-If your child’s footed pajama’s or onesies are getting too small lengthwise but still fit everywhere else and you want to save some money just cut the feet off.  If you have a sewing machine you could even sew the bottoms nicely so they’re not all jagged.  I’ve yet to try this because I usually get The Twincesses clothes super on sale from Carter’s that I can’t be bothered, (also I’m ocd, so would need perfect hems and I can’t sew…)but I know my mom used to do this when me and my siblings were little. 

-Instead of buying those pricey shopping cart covers save yourself major cash by just buying a fitted crib sheet and cutting foot holes into it.  I came up with this idea because I couldn’t find a shopping cart cover for twins ANYWHERE!  


-Instead of buying pricey toddler bedding sets buy some fabric and stuffing in a pattern you like and if you can sew or know someone who can, have them turn it into blankets and pillows for you! OR buy an affordable twin bedding set in a style you like and have it made into smaller blankets and pillows.   I was looking for hot pink zebra bedding for The Twincesses to go with their girly jungle themed bedroom but couldn’t find any toddler bedding that wasn’t Disney stuff or super childish stuff, which I didn’t want.   Luckily, Walmart had a double or queen size (I can’t remember) bedding set on their website for like $50, so I had a lady make the duvet into several smaller ones for The Twincesses toddler beds.

-Like eating out but looking to save some cash?  Do a little research!  Many restaurant chains have a weeknight deal where kids’ meals are free with the purchase of an adult entrée!  I have yet to take advantage of this because when we do eat out it tends to be on weekends but I do know that Perkins, Boston Pizza, and Montana’s all have this deal one a certain night of the week! 

-Anyone else have a horrifying discovery when their kids bath toys grew disgusting mold?  Seal up the holes in bath toys with the glue from a hot glue gun.  Bonus, if you have mats or shoes that need grip to prevent slipping, put hot glue on the bottom for grip.

-Diaper genie refills can get expensive, save yourself some money by extending the life of your refills.  Only put diapers with poop in the genie.  Pee diapers don’t really smell so you can just toss them in any garbage or keep a special garbage bin just for them and empty daily. 

-Anytime you make homemade soup, casseroles, sauces, chili’s…etc make a way larger portion (I typically make 4X a recipe) so that you can freeze a bunch for those busy/lazy nights when you don’t have the time or energy to cook.  This is a great trick so that you can avoid heading to a fast food joint out of desperation.  I also do the same with muffins and cookies.

-With babies, always lay a burp cloth or light blanket underneath them (when in playpen, on tummy time mat, when in swing or rocker…etc) That way, when baby spits up or has a poo explosion you will only have to clean the blanket and not take off all the fabric on a super awkward baby swing. 

-Make an emergency baby/toddler kit and keep it in your car at all times, and replenish it when you use items.  I can’t tell you how many times I ran out of diapers and baby wipes when I was out and about with The Twincesses and had to rush home or run to the nearest store to buy more.  Also, many barf accidents and poo explosions that required back up clothes.  Pack snacks and drinks too, and anything else you may think is important for your kiddo’s. 

-If you have lots of electrical outlets that don’t really get used but ran out of those baby proofing plugs, cover the outlets with tape to prevent the possibility of your child getting electrocuted!

-If you’re freaked out by bathtubs like I am, and don’t want to clean and disinfect it daily, buy a large baby tub and place it in your bath tub to bathe your toddler.  It also saves water because you aren’t filling up your entire bathtub, just the baby tub.  This is what we do with The Twincesses. 

-Make an entertainment bag/ kit for your toddler to keep them entertained in the car, in a restaurant, at the doctor’s office…etc.  Keep small toys in it, coloring books, crayons, books and anything else that will keep them from having a total freaking meltdown and embarrassing you in public!

-Always keep plastic grocery bags or garbage bags in your diaper bag or car for dirty diapers or clothing.

-Buy frozen fruit in winter and thaw before eating.  It’s much cheaper than buying fresh fruit in winter when grocery stores charge a billion dollars for a pound of strawberries…ok it was $15 for 2lbs, but still, totally mental. 

-Use an egg slicer to slice other fruits and veggies.  Works great for mushrooms, billion dollar strawberries, bananas…etc

-Make homemade healthy ice cream by mixing frozen fruit and milk or yogurt in the food processor for a few minutes!  Add a little sugar if you want it extra sweet. 


Although I’m sure that I use many more tips and tricks that’s all that I can think of right now!  Also, not gonna lie, I really wanna watch some Teen Mom OG.  Dont judge!!!!   Do you have any tips, tricks, or life hacks that save time, energy, money, or all 3?  Please share with me in the comments below!  Happy Humpday friends!


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