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I despise laundry.  I always have, and I always will.  But even more now, since having children.  The Twincesses change their outfits a billion times a day, so the piles of laundry to wash and put away seem endless.  And by the time I get theirs under control, FML I still have my own.   Hubby at least puts his own away, probably because he knows it would sit in our room for weeks before I would ever get to it! 

So since I’m basically a professional laundry do-er, I thought I’d pass along some of the tips and tricks that keep this mama organized and efficient when it comes to laundry! 

1- Make sure your clothes aren’t inside out when tossing them into the laundry baskets.  My number one pet peeve when it comes to sorting and putting away laundry is having to fix inside out clothing.  Drives me bat shit crazy!!! 

2- Have several baskets for different types of clothing and laundry items (jeans, whites, socks, underwear, towels, kitchen towels…etc)

 3- Keep up with the laundry!  I know this is easier said than done, but if you do one load a day (or maybe 2 if you have lots of kids), then the laundry won’t pile up, leaving you to wash and dry a dozen baskets full of laundry late on a Sunday night.

4- Have a wrinkled shirt?  Dampen a sock or small cloth, and throw it into the dryer with the wrinkled shirt for a few minutes and voila, wrinkle free & fabulous, no ironing required.   I legit don’t even own an iron, let alone an ironing board!  And super secret, if you have annoying collars that need taming, run your flat iron over it.   GENIUS!

5-Keep a separate bin/basket for stained items that need to be treated.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed a stained shirt, and it’s ended up getting washed, and comes out of the dryer with the stain still there, and it’s now set in from the heat of the dryer.  EFF!  If you have a specific place for majorly stained clothing you will remember to pre-treat these items with stain remover before you throw them in with their appropriate sorted laundry load.

6-Raise your hands if you hate how liquid laundry soap caps get icky after you empty the soap into the washer!   Guess what!  You can throw the soap covered cap right into the washer with the clothes, and it will come out clean and unharmed!  YES!!!!!!

7-Get rid of the musty old smell that towels and dish clothes get with vinegar!  Add a cup or two every few months to keep away the nasty smells! ‘Cause who wants to spend a fortune buying new towels every few months?  Nobody, that’s who.

8-Speaking of towels, you can use them a few times before washing them!  You’re clean after you shower, so they won’t get very dirty. Saves time, money, and water! Mind blown.

9-Get the kids to help!  The Twincesses came into the room one time while I was hanging clothes, and they wanted to help.  They looooved putting their shirts and dresses onto hangers and helping mommy put away their laundry, and they weren’t even 3 yet.  Now, I make them help EVERY SINGLE TIME.  They’re 3 ½ and it’s an easy chore for them.  I sort all of the clothing items into piles for them and they either put it onto hangers, or put them away into drawers.  I even have them match up their socks for me, and then I bundle them together.  This mama does NOT fold clothes, and she never will.  That’s why all The Twincesses clothes (and my own) hang in the closet, except for pants, pajamas and undergarments.  Ain’t nobody got the time or the patience for folding a billion clothing items.  It’s far too time consuming, and way too upsetting when you fold clothes only for them to be a mess 5 seconds later.  I worked at a clothing store once, it did not last long. 


10-BUT, If you are a folder, do it while you watch tv, so it seems less tedious!  I do this when I fold towels, or when I have a huge pile of clothes to hang, I just watch Netflix on my phone!

How do you manage your never-ending piles of laundry?  I’d love to hear any tips and tricks you have that make it easier!!! 

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