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Lash Lift: What It Is and Why You Should Get One ASAP!

Ladies, and especially mama’s, when’s the last time you treated yourself? If you can’t even remember, it’s been waaaay too long! We get so used to putting everyone else’s needs and wants above our own that we forget about ourselves.

For the first 2 years of The Twincesses lives I never truly made time to do something nice for myself. Treating yourself can be done in so many ways, grabbing a new book to read, buying a new pair of shoes, going to a movie solo…etc but my all-time fave is to go to locally owned and operated day spa, Evolve Esthetics for a manicure, and to tint my lashes!









Claire & Jena


I’m so lucky that Evolve Esthetics is less than 5 minutes from The Twincesses preschool, so I go every 3 weeks to see owner/esthetician/girl boss extraordinaire, Jena to get gel nails with shellac polish.  My nails are very weak and break easily, so I like getting gel nails to make them longer, stronger, and prettier! Jena and Claire (another fabulous esthetician at Evolve Esthetics) are both amazing at doing mani/pedi’s and I love that they are both such pro’s. These ladies take their time, and they’re perfectionists, so you’ll never see them doing more than one clients nails at a time, and rushing like I’ve seen in the past at so many other place. At Evolve Esthetics, they do a fantastic job every single time!  And whenever I break a nail because of #momlife and how klutzy I am, they fit me in right away, and fix me up.





Now while my nails are something I get done super regularly, Evolve Esthetics offers so much more!  I’ve had facials there, waxing, makeup application, and body treatments.  I also LOVE getting my super blonde lashes tinted a few times a year so that I don’t have to wear mascara all the time. This is especially nice to do in summer, or before a beach vacation! A few weeks ago when I was getting my lashes tinted Jena suggested I try out their newest spa service, a Lash Lift, and OH EM  GEE you guys, It’s a game changer!  A  Lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes, it means you won’t have to curl your lashes, and combined with a tint they will look extra-long, full, and gorgeous for 6-12 weeks! The look is very similar to lash extensions (which they also do) but it’s 100% your own natural lashes.  I’m OBSESSED!




So how does a lash lift work? It basically bends your natural lashes at their base, so that they stand up straighter, rather than sticking out forward.

Step 1) A trained esthetician (In my case, Jena) starts by applying a collagen pad to the under-eye area to reduce dark circles and puffiness while also keeping bottom lashes out of the way.


Step 2) Next, a mild and water soluble adhesive is used to adhere your lashes to a curved silicone pad that is applied to your eyelids. The pad is what helps create the lift and the curl with your lashes.



Step 3) Then a pink perming gel is applied to the lashes and stays on for around 10 minutes before it is wiped off.

Step 4) A setting gel is applied, and once that’s wiped off the pads are removed and your eyes will be rinsed.  You can also have lashes tinted before, or after, if you want, and I highly recommend!



The service takes about an hour (or 1.5 hours if you also get your lashed tinted) and costs $60 ($80 with tint). I love how it looks, and that it saves me time in the morning because I can skip my eye makeup and still look great, which again, is perfect for summertime and vacations!












So if you’re in Winnipeg, and in the mood to treat yourself, definitely check out Evolve Esthetics at 2645 Portage Ave and tell Jenna and Claire that Sam say’s “Hi!” when you call to book your appointment at (204) 832-9633!

If you could get an esthetic service done every few weeks, which would you chose, mani, pedi, lashes, waxing, other? Let me know in the comments!



*fyi this is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely love Evolve Esthetics and the services offered!*


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