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Happy Hump Day Lovelies!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that your week is going well so far!  As a special treat my Hubby is guest writing on the blog today!  I’m really excited  to  share with you all his weight loss transformation!  But first a little backstory!

My Hubby has always been a big muscle-y guy.  But over the past few years he started to put on additional weight which went right to his stomach.  This extra weight also caused him to snore so loudly that I, (even sleeping with ear plugs in) was loosing tons of sleep and uttering death and divorce threats to him.  Also, his family has a history of heart disease and heart attacks, several uncles have passed away over the recent years, which terrified him.  So when Hubby’s work decided to do a weight loss competition, in the style of the show “The Biggest Loser”, he jumped on board!  The winner would get 400$ after 8 weeks of competing.  Well if anyone knows my man, money is the way to get him to do just about anything!  He loves a good competition, but  add in some money and sorry, but nobody stands a chance to beat him!    HE WON!  and hubby also broke the record for biggest weight loss as well as largest monetary prize the competition has ever had!

So, if you’re needing some motivation, tips and tricks to lose some weight, read on!

***Neither of us are doctors or weight loss experts.  As with all weight loss plans please check with your physician to see what is safe and appropriate for you and your lifestyle!  Also, keep in mind that everyone’s bodies work differently, and what works for one person may work differently, or may not work for another***

Natural Thermogenic Fat Loss by Justin Kuzyk

*the following is my plan, experience, readings and findings; educate yourself! read more about the items below and modify the plan to fit your life style. I had to cut weight within 8 weeks for a competition so this would be considered a very intense version, you decide the correct intensity for your body – trust me, you will find out after a few days once you have started!

*thermogenic food is key to this plan/life style, keep the body moving/working whenever possible (walking, working out, limit sitting)

*drink lots of water, whenever possible

*eat everything in respectable portions, listen to your body – i did not count any calories during this challenge and never starved myself

*I tried my best to create a plan that keeps me satisfied each day; there are tons of plans out there including ketogenic, atkins, military, grapefruit, weight watchers etc. and you can easily borrow from each, again reading and learning is key (google, google and google)

*lastly, do not stress (I hate the word diet, this has to be a new life style for yourself), there is a strong connection between the mind and body; stress will throw the body off and it will work against you eg. stop eating and your body will go into survival mode – fat loss will be even more difficult. if there is chocolate cake around the corner that you want, have a bite – you most likely deserve it with the amount of work you will be putting in;

*when times are hard, think about the positive outcome you are working for – more energy with your family and friends, correcting high blood pressure, avoiding diabetes, better sleeping (snoring, sleep apnea all related to weight issues), building a stronger heart… the list goes on and on; live longer!

*I followed this plan for 8 weeks and went from 270lbs to 223lbs (47lbs loss which is possible – I never believed it before I accomplished it myself!) …again, please modify to fit your life style, body weight and fitness level; it’s all about experimenting, work towards a new you, reset your energy levels and again, avoid all types of health issues in the process! good luck!



The Plan Day-by-Day

– Good morning! wake up, move around, get muscles warm, drink water, don’t forget to stretch before all workouts and cardio – we can’t afford a pulled muscle or injury today

– 2 spoonful’s of lemon juice with water (if you aren’t awake yet you will be now – I mastered this task as a shot with a bit of water added followed by a full glass of water, gives the body that extra edge within 5-10 min). remember to rinse with water after so you don’t ruin your tooth enamel

– cardio workout #1 (eg. elliptical, treadmill, run – whatever you enjoy); want that extra heat/calorie level? workout with a sauna suit – geeky as ever but proven – length of workout – 15-20 min (I burnt an average of 250 calories per session (17min), keep strong intensity, sweat level = max 

– wait 30 min – mix one spoonful of unpasteurized honey with one spoonful of organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed)… I chewed it like bubblegum, gross but it’s for the cause 🙂

– kick start a coffee, normal brew/dark roast coffee (I’m dedicated dark roast), I just added a small amount (1-2 tsp) of milk/cream, sipped it through until lunch

– get your breakfast going – isolate protein shake with water/milk (1/4 1% milk) (30-40grams protein) with generous addition of cinnamon and around 1 tbsp of ground flax; consume multivitamin with green tea/raspberry keytone addition (natural or pill form – for the life of me I can’t drink green tea so I go pill form, nothing fancy – nice and easy *do not forget about protein intake during this plan – it’s vital; protein repairs and replenishes your muscles so you can do this all over again tomorrow

– half way between breakfast and lunch – stop sitting, go for a nice walk

– lunch – you decide – tuna, chicken, beef, cottage cheese, eggs, some carbs, pasta, rice to feel full – stick with hand portions, I try to add cayenne / jalapeño / banana pepper / mustard whenever possible to all foods during the day, again don’t forget to bring up that body temp!  If you need more details on food to eat / not to eat follow the Ketogenic Diet, lots of truth there (I was eating carrots half way through till I found out they are a no-no for example) you will make mistakes along the way but that’s what this process is all about J

– midafternoon / snack time! – trail mix, eg. almonds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, walnuts, dark chocolate almonds etc. – again don’t forget to load up on water; consume Vitamin B100 or B50 depending on size (I was 250lbs+, I kept to B100) + a vitamin C. B100/50 vitamins all play an important role in digestion and break down of carbs (thus extra energy – you can find B12 in B100 which is in tons of popular energy products)

– walk time, think you are just gonna snack without a walk? – optional – I usually get sleepy in the afternoon and metabolism could come to a crawl. I only like a couple cups of coffee during the day (I have a love/hate relationship with coffee), if you like more you don’t have to worry about this part. Depending how I feel I will take a 100mg caffeine pill with 81mg aspirin to keep moving, don’t forget that water intake. I always find it funny that people get scared of caffeine pills (especially 100mg), here is a comparison to Tim Horton’s coffee:

Small 135mg caffeine

Medium 200mg caffeine

Large 265mg caffeine

Extra large 320mg caffeine 

so in reality, those extra large coffees is like munching on three caffeine pills; people taking caffeine pills with limited water, yes that’s dangerous.

– supper – just like lunch, keep it creative, dont forget vegetables/fuit, i eat everything at this point that i know i’ll crave later. eg. bowl of cheerios, peanut butter, cheese whiz (which surprisingly has the highest CLA concentration of any food), bite of chocolate, couple french fries, half slice of pizza/bread etc. this is a life style, cutting the good stuff out always is no way to live; again, keep happy, keep fair with your body, you are working together – 6pm – cut off – no further carbs at this point in the day…sorry there has to be restrictions somewhere J

– about 20-30min after your stomach has settled take two tablespoonful’s of apple cider vinegar (I started doing this in the last 15-20 days of my competition and I wish I did it sooner, amazing detox. remember, you can always take these items every second day, at first my body didn’t understand the apple cider vinegar but loved it after – some people call it the #1 fat loss addition

– relax, at this point you can even take a nap – you have two workouts left for the day, I would usually rest my eyes for 30min feeling refreshed (after a long day of work, spending time with my 2yr old twins, wife, golden retriever, cat, dishes, chores etc. some shut eye is definitely nice/required).

– approx. 2 hours after supper, lemon juice time again – yep 1-2 spoonful’s just shoot it back HULK style

– 30min-1hr after those lemons – workout time! – I only do two workouts which are alternated each day – no more than 20-25 min for the whole session (I will never ever workout or do hour+ cardio sessions in my life, I get easily bored at 20 min) – make sure to keep going on all reps till the “burn” happens; since we are burning fat, we will not worry about making big muscles, remember higher reps / lower weight for this plan; again, another love/hate relationship – once im working out I love it, to get the actual weight workout happening is another story so you are not alone

*workout 1 is crunches, biceps, shoulders and triceps – I do not pause between these exercises, I keep hitting the next one reaching about 15-30 reps to failure, 3 sets each.

*workout 2 is crunches and pushups only (more recovery day, just to elevate body temps), again 15-30 reps, 3 sets each (I started at 6 pushups and at the end was doing 30 in a row, keep positive, there is no one to impress except yourself)

*please check out workout routines on youtube if you need tips for arms, shoulders etc. notice I have no leg workouts – legs are saved completely for cardio, sorry that’s the way I roll – you can adjust to your plan; make a weight workout routine that makes you happy, thus im going on limited details here

– after workout I have a dark roast coffee, nice and hot keeping me warm, once again cream only – if you have troubles with caffeine start your coffee run before your workout

– right after weight workout – cardio workout #2 (eg. elliptical, treadmill, run) optional with that nasa sauna suit – 15-20 min (note – I’ve had the best luck with after weight workout doing my cardio – they should provide the best results but that debate has been going on for years. do cardio when its best for you – again try to reach that 250 calorie burn mark, you should be sweating like no tomorrow!

– wait 30-45 min after cardio – end of day snack (right before bed) – mix one spoonful of unpasteurized honey with one spoonful of organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed), isolate/whey protein shake with cinnamon / ground flax (I use more of a timed protein release at night so I dont wake up at night hungry), go crazy on green vegetables, if you have some beef or chicken sitting in the fridge have a couple bites, no biggy.

– Goodnight – congrats on your day – tomorrow will be even better

-Repeat until you’ve achieved your desired results!


Have you experienced a weight loss transformation recently?  I’d love to hear about your journey, as well as any tips and tricks that you’d be willing to share!  And to those of you on a weight loss journey, good luck, you’ve got this!!!!!

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