How-to Always Arrive On Time

You guys, being a mom is hard!  And being rushed or late to an event because your children are crazy beasts (The Twincesses can’t be the only ones) makes #momlife a billion times more stressful than you need it to be!  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.   So today let me help you with a few tips to get you and your lil monsters out of the house on time!


1)  Set all of the clocks in your home ahead by 10 minutes.  This will save you from any minor time loss incidents, like when your  hair isn’t cooperating, or your kid decides they need to go to the bathroom as soon as you’re walking out the door.

2)  Anytime you schedule an appointment, write it down, or program it into your calendar for 15-20 minutes earlier than the appointment actually is.  This works really well for important events like weddings or birthdays as well.  This will save you for situations where you lose a ton of time, such as traffic jams, construction, toddler meltdowns, baby poo explosions, emergency stops…etc  Even if you end up somehow running early, stop and treat yourself to a drive thru coffee or treat, you deserve it momma!

3)  Plan ahead!  If you know you have to be somewhere and will need food, snacks, clothes, toys and other items for yourself or your kiddo’s, pack it all the day or night before. This way you won’t be running around, frantically searching for things and end up forgetting stuff at home, being stressed, and super late!

4)  Keep an emergency kit in your car, and also places/people’s homes that you spend a lot of time at.  This is wonderful if you ever forget to re-stock your diaper bag, or your child has an accident because you won’t have to stop at the store or go back home for clothes.  I always keep emergency diapers, wipes, clothing and other necessities in the car, at my sisters, at grandparents, at The Twincesses pre-school, and at the gym! 

5)  Get yourself a watch!  I dunno about you, but half the time I have no clue where my cell phone is and the other half there are no clocks around, so having a gorgeous, unique, and durable, womens watch like my JORD Frankie (featuring Dark Sandalwoold & Emerald) is a must!  If you get yourself a cool watch like JORD’s you’ll always be on time!  Not only will you always know what time it is, but you’ll also save time (hooray!)  by not agonizing over accessories when you’re getting ready to go! JORD watches are made of all natural wood, come in tons of different styles and colors, and are super stylish!  JORD  watches are easy to dress up or down, making them the perfect accessory to compliment your fall wardrobe! 




And because my friends over at JORD don’t want you to ever worry about being late, they’re giving all of you beauties the chance to win a $75 credit!  All you have to do is follow this link  to enter the contest! BONUS, anyone who enters the contest will also automatically receive a $20 credit (yay!), so what have you got to lose!  Contest closes 10/02/16.  

If you were to win the contest, let me know which watch you’d pick in the comments below!


*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest, and my own.*

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