Getting Your Child Ready for Pre-K: Supplies Needed

Hello Beauties! 

Summer is going by so quickly and it’s hard to believe that my Twincesses will be starting Pre-K in just a few weeks! I know my American friends have already started school, but in Canada kids don’t start until September, and after labor day.  

I like to be super prepaped, and since their school doesn’t have a supply list, I’ve already picked up and organized everything that I think The Twincesses will need once school begins, and am sharing it with you today! 

A sturdy, and full sized backpack is important to carry everything your little one will need while at school!  Those smaller ones may seem like a good idea, since your child is small, but there just isn’t enough room in them for everything your child will need. 

Having a separate pair of indoor shoes is a requirement at most schools.  If your kiddo isn’t already an expert at tying shoelaces, it’s a lot less frustrating for your child, and easier for the teacher if their shoes are velcro, slip on or both, like these cute ones I picked up for The Twincesses!

Unless you enjoy wasting money re-buying clothing and supplies, it’s a good idea to  label your little one’s stuff.  Kid’s are bound to leave stuff behind or misplace it.  Labels make it easier to find their stuff in the school or classroom’s lost and found.  

Whether you send your kiddo to pre-k with a lunch bag or bento style box is up to you.  I personally prefer using a divided container like this Boon one.  The less containers and ziplocs I have to use, the better!  This one has tons of room for all The Twincesses  favorite snacks.

Your little will definitely need a drink while at school, so a spill proof water bottle is a must!  Throw some frozen fruit in there to infuse the water and keep it cool for a tasty treat without the added sugar of juice.

Unless your child’s pre-k class provides snacks or meals, you’ll need to pack some food for your lil monster, so be sure to stock up on your child’s fave nut-free snacks .

If your kiddo’s pre-k class is all day, they likely have a nap/rest time and will need a blanket and pillow.  The Twincesses class is only in the morning, so there’s no napping, but you could pack whatever extra blankets and pillows you have laying around the house if needed.

Your little artist will be painting, coloring and glue-ing all sorts of beautiful masterpieces for you while at pre-k.  If you want to keep their clothes from getting stained and ruined, be sure to buy a craft smock from the dollar store, or pack an old, large shirt for them to wear during craft time.

Speaking of messes, they’re bound to happen.  Whether it’s snack related, craft related, or a bathroom oopsy, be sure to have an extra set of clothes handy!  I used the lunch bag that came with The Twincesses backpacks to put a full set of clothes in.

 Pack an old grocery bag or garbage bag in with the extra clothes to put the dirty ones in! 

If you wan’t to keep your little one’s backpack from getting covered in glue and paint on the inside, keep a folder in their backpack for art pieces.  This is also handy for any important papers that the teacher may send home with your child. 

Kleenex is probably the most valuable supply to bring in for teachers.  Kids are constantly sick and dirty, so boxes provided to teachers run out fast.  Send your kid to school with a box or two the first day, and re-send throughout the year if you want to! 

If your kid’s pre-k school didn’t have a supply list, and you were unsure of what they’ll need, I hope this list helped!  Did I miss anything?  What else would you recommend for parents to get in order to send their kid’s off to pre-k?   

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8 thoughts on “Getting Your Child Ready for Pre-K: Supplies Needed

  1. What a great list. You had it all covered. Only adding the sweet notes for them to read, (or a picture drawn), from mama. Lol
    We added one every day in her snack bag.

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