The Best Skicare for Sensitive Skin-“First Aid Beauty” Review

Hello Beauties! 

I Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and that your week is going well so far!  Today I wanna let you all in on my newest beauty find!  If you are looking for a new skincare line, keep reading!

I had been able to manage my skin issues pretty well, with the exception of the week’s where I get my period.  Every time I would wash my face (and always with a sensitive skin cleanser) my skin, especially my chin would be bright red, inflamed and hurt, resembling a burn.  No matter how moisturizing a facial lotion/cream claimed to be, during my period my skin would be so dry that it would flake and I would have dry patches, not cute. 

I had never worn liquid foundation in my life, until after having The Twincesses, and I wore it because of how red my face looked without it. This didn’t really bother me too much though because I love makeup but when it was that time of the month wearing makeup only made the dryness look worse. It was really making me feel insecure and embarrassed. 

So a few months ago I went on Sephora’s website to research which moisturizers were rated the best (by consumers) for dry and sensitive skin.  I found a fairly new brand called First Aid Beauty, it had thousands of positive reviews, So I went to Sephora a few days later with the intend of buying a new moisturizer.  The sales lady said that I could try it out for a month and if I wasn’t happy, get a full refund, or if I needed longer to test it, Sephora accepts items returned for a store credit for up to a year after you’ve purchased it, as long as the item has at least half of the product remaining.   This is a winning return policy.  I had nothing to lose, so I bought the “Ultra Repair Cream, Intense Hydration for Dry Parched Skin” which the lady also said is the only lotion that helps her severe eczema.   I bought the largest bottle they had (8oz) because it was the best value for the money, and again, I could return it if I wasn’t happy. 


The bottle cost $43 (CAD, plus tax) and I have to say, it was the best freaking money I’ve ever spent on a facial product, which surprisingly can actually be used for dry skin anywhere on the body! 


This cream comes out of the bottle seemingly thick, but also light, because it is whipped.  The cream instantly absorbs into my skin, which is very important to me! I can’t stand moisturizers that take forever to seep into the skin, and then leave my face feeling wet or greasy.  This moisturizer also felt very soothing to my often painful, sensitive skin.  Another huge plus for me was the fact that there are no added fragrances, because I’m allergic to perfume and strong smelling products often give me a headache and/or migraine, and also make my nose congested.

Right after the first use of this cream (which was while I was on my period) I was sold.  I loved it immediately, and day after day this cream did not disappoint.


A few weeks later, because I was so happy with the cream, I decided to go back to Sephora and buy the Face Cleanser.  Again, I bought the largest bottle (8 oz) for $37 (plus tax). 



The cleanser is awesome!  It’s also whipped, and once it mixes with water it gets creamy and lathers very nicely.  I was pleasantly surprised that this cleanser removes eye makeup, particularly mascara very easily, and very well!  And unlike other cleansers I’ve used, this one does not irritate my skin, make it burn, and does not leave my skin red and inflamed, even at that time of the month.  Like the moisturizer, it too does not have added fragrances.

After not even one week of using the cleanser and the cream together, I had stopped wearing liquid foundation because my skin was no longer red, inflamed and irritated.  I also received several compliments from friends (who had no clue that I’d changed up my skin or makeup routine) that my skin was looking “amazing” and “perfect”, without wearing liquid foundation!!!  That’s a huuuuge compliment to me, because I had been hiding the redness of my skin behind liquid foundation for almost 3 years!!!! 

So, if I had to rate the First Aid Beauty cream and cleanser out of 5, I would DEFINITLY give both products a 5! They’re both AMAZING!!!! The price point of this line is comparable to any department store brands, and although they are a lot more expensive than your typical drug store brands, they are well worth the money because the products work so well, which I’m happy to pay more money for! Also, the bottles will last a long time because a little bit of product goes a long way.  I would 1000000000% recommend these 2 products to anyone who has dry and/or sensitive skin. I’m so happy with these products that I plan on trying more products from the First Aid Beauty line in the future! 


Do you use any great skin care products that you absolutely love and would recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  ***All products were purchased by me.  I received no compensation for my review.  Thoughts and opinions expressed are all my own. ***

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