Filipino Pancit Recipe

Hello Friends!!!

Happy Friday!!!  I hope you’ve all had a nice week, and that you’ll have an even nicer weekend!   This week The Twincesses finished preschool for the year and after their little”graduation” party Hubby and I took them to McDonald’s for a happy meal, and to see Finding Dory to celebrate!  This was the first time The Twincesses have gone to the movie theater and it wasn’t nearly as bad of an experience as I had anticipated, what a relief!  The movie was cute and the girls behaved pretty well, so I would definitely take them to the theater again, just as long as it’s with another adult! 

This week for Fave Recipe Friday I have a delicious, traditional Filipino recipe for you to try!  Hubby grew up having a lot of Filipino friends, and so he grew to love the culture, and especially the food.  Anytime we get together with his friends, one of his best friends always brings Pancit because she knows it is his favorite dish, and so at my bridal shower she kindly gave me the recipe so that I could make it for Hubby anytime!  So today I’m going to share that recipe with you!  For those of you who don’t know what Pancit is, it is a Filipino noodle dish with some chicken and veggies.  I assume that recipes for Pancit are a little different in every Filipino family, but this is the only one we’ve ever had, and it’s super yummy and also easy to make, so try it out!   

This recipe refrigerates and reheats well, so I always double the recipe for  hubby to have lots of leftovers to enjoy!

P.S.  If you don’t have a wok don’t worry!  You can use any frying pan, I promise it will still turn out good! I don’t own one yet, and it doesn’t change the taste, or make it harder to cook!   

If anyone has any fave cultural recipes to share, please do so!!!!  Bonus points if it’s a Mexican recipe!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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