Dollar Store DIY Halloween Costumes


The weather was so fabulous the other day so The Twincesses and I went for a walk to and we ended up at the dollar store near our house, Dollarama.  We went down every aisle including the Halloween aisle, which I have to say I was quite impressed with!  There are so many Halloween costume accessories that along with items and clothing that most people already own would create a ton of different easy and affordable Halloween costumes.  This is a great alternative to those super expensive Halloween costume stores where costumes cost $50-$100, which I refuse to pay for a costume that will only get worn once or twice.  So as The Twincesses and I walked down the Halloween aisle I though about all of the costumes that could be made using dollar store items, and I even took pictures of some of the items!  Here’s what I was able to come up with in just a few minutes.

-Dress in all white, or all black, and buy an animal accessory pack (like a rabbit or cat) which typically include a headband with rabbit or cat ears and a tail.  Then draw a nose and whiskers on your face with eyeliner, and boom! You’re a Rabbit or Cat!


-Wear a red or yellow dress, or dress in all red or yellow, buy some black felt to cut into stripes or circles, some safety pins or fabric clue and buy wings.  My Dollarama had accessory packs that contained yellow or red wings  and antenna headbands specifically for a Bee or Ladybug costume!




-Wear a plaid shirt, jeans or overalls, and buy a straw hat (totally forgot to take a picture of that too, darn it).  Add some pieces of straw all over your outfit in pockets or in sleeves.  Instant Scarecrow!  Optional makeup could include lots of blush in a circle on your cheekbones, and bright lipstick.

-Wear normal everyday clothing, buy Vampire fangs, and some glitter to put on your face and you’re one of the Vampire characters from Twilight.



-Black tights, black t-shirt cut to hang off of the shoulders, a black jacket, red heels.  Curl your hair and pin to one side and if you don’t already have some, buy some red lipstick.  Now you’re Sandy from Grease!  Need a Danny?  Guys need black jeans, black T-shirt, and lots of hair gel.  Cigarette behind the ear optional.

-Buy a red cape and a wicker basket.  Put your hair in braided pigtails and throw on some red lipstick and you’re  Little Red Riding Hood!  Need the Lumberjack dude who saved grandma?  Guys need a plaid shirt, jeans and a toy axe.


​-Buy some curlers to wear in your hair, some slippers and a few cat stuffed animals.  Then put on a bath robe, and you are now a Crazy Cat Lady!

-Wear a little green dress, throw your hair into a bun, buy some fairy wings and a wand.  Hey Tinkerbell!

-Put on a pink T-shirt, some purple pants, buy some white runners/tennis shoes, wear your hair in pigtails and you’re adorable little Boo from Monsters Inc!

-If you don’t already have a pair, buy some Sunglasses,  put on a long sleeve white dress shirt, tube socks and now you’re Joel Goodsen (Tom Cruise’s character) from Risky Business!

-All black clothing, buy some black gloves and a black ski mask  and you’re a Robber/Burglar!

Toy gun optional.



-Wear a fancy dress (old grad gown, bridesmaid dress…etc), heels, and buy a dress up crown and you’re an instant Princess!


-If you don’t already have one, buy an umbrella, put on a white dress shirt, a black or navy skirt, some black heels, buy a red bow tie, black pantyhose, a black top hat and white gloves and you’re now Mary Poppins!



– Put your hair into a bun or french twist, wear a basic black dress and some black heels then buy a fake pearl necklace and earrings, long black gloves (same as Marry Poppins white ones, but black, which they had at the store), a little tiara, and a wand that you can paint black to look like those old school cigarette holder things, and then you’re Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s!



-Wear a white dress or all white clothing, buy some wings and a halo headband and you’re an Angel!





-Buy some craft paper, cut out a dress with a jagged bottom and crumple it.  Also buy some yellow construction paper to make a crown, then make your hair messy by teasing it, and make yourself look dirty with brown and black makeup and you’re The Paperbag Princess from Robert Munsch’s classic kids book!

-Wear a red dress or all red clothing, buy devil horns and tail (comes in a package together), and buy a devil pitchfork thing and you’re a Devil!




-Wear a white t-shirt underneath a long sleeved button dress shirt, some tan pants, tuck shirt into pants, buy a belt, some glasses, a black hat and brown eye liner to draw a goatee on your face (if you don’t have facial hair) and you are now Heisenberg/Walter White from Breaking Bad!


I hope that this list helps some of you with your quest to find a Halloween costume without going broke!  I bet that if I had spent more time in the store I could have probably thought up even more easy and cheap dollar store costume idea’s!  Can you think of any more?


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