DIY Valentine’s Day Gift -Monthly Date Night Cards

Happy Friday Lovebugs!

Hope you’re all having a great week and that you’re not freezing your butts off, like we are over here!  I’m seriously having Mexico withdrawal right about now!   

I cannot believe that it’s already February!  Where the heck did the last month even go?! And holy cannoli, it’s almost Valentine’s day!!!  Did you get anything for your spouse yet? My Hubby is one of those people that hates receiving gifts…what a weirdo.  Give me all the gifts, all the time.  I think they’re my love language. Presents, compliments, and coffee make me happy!  And the presents don’t even have to be pricey.  You’d be surprised at how excited this Momma gets over a pair of new socks or a mug!  

So since Justin isn’t big on gifts I usually end up buying him stuff he needs for holidays, like new clothes or workout gear.  This Valentine’s day I wanted to give something a little more thoughtful to go with the clothes I got him,  so I decided to whip up some pre-planned, monthly date cards! 

This is such an inexpensive and easy gift to make because you can make the date cards and the dates themselves as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.  I am not very artsy. I totally suck at drawing, but I thought my hubby would get a good laugh at my attempts to draw on the date cards.  Maybe next time I’ll do them up on the computer, or have them designed and printed by a company.  It’s the thought that counts, right?  

I love the pre-planned monthly dates because it not only forces us to go on at least one date night alone each month, but it also takes away the stress of planning a date at the last minute away, ’cause let’s face it, with kids, these things get pushed aside and left until the day of, and then you’ll probably just end up doing the typical dinner and a movie date.

To make these date cards I literally used The Twincesses markers, some plain cardstock paper I had lying around the house, and my (not so great) imagination.  If you need some date night idea’s check out some Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideashere, use good old Google, or try my bff Pinterest.




What are some of your favorite date night activities?  Let me know in the comments!  


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