DIY: Mess-Free Play Makeup for Kids


Are anyone else’s little girls OBSESSED with trying to touch, steal, and put on their expensive makeup? The Twincesses love watching mama put on makeup, and always want to play around with it, which although cute, it can be pretty costly to replace. I’ve purchased play makeup sets before, and one thing they all have in common is that they’re super freaking messy! Glitter, and powder EVERYWHERE!

So, for The Twincesses 4th birthday, I wanted to make them play makeup that would be easy enough that I -the least crafty person on the planet couldn’t screw it up, and that would also be completely mess-free! I thought about it for a long time, and ultimately decided to use nail polish to create the makeup. Nail polish won’t transfer onto skin once dry, is affordable, and it also comes in so many fun, and glittery colors, that I knew my girls would love!

For the makeup containers I went to the dollar store and purchased some eye shadow palettes, removed the eye shadow from its pans-using toothpicks to loosen up the powder, and filled them up with nail polish.













I let the polish dry overnight, bought some makeup brush sets (also from the dollar store) and voila, some super quick, easy, and best of all, mess-free play makeup!













The Twincesses were so excited and happy to receive their play makeup, and have been having a ton of fun doing each others makeup, mine, and even Hubby’s!


If you have any other cool DIY gift ideas for kiddo’s I’d love to hear about them!

Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week!

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