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Now that it’s December and the weather is getting colder and colder, most people start shifting into holiday mode and thinking about all things Christmas (if you don’t celebrate Christmas, whatever holiday you choose to celebrate in or around December).  Baking, decorations and gift shopping for loved ones are my absolute favorite parts of the season.  I am one of those crazy people who typically has all of my Christmas gifts purchased by the end of October, but somehow this year I finished even earlier, I was done by September 1st, with the exception of one person’s gift…My Hubby’s.  Justin is literally the hardest person to buy gifts for because

a) Whenever I ask him what he wants he says “Don’t buy me anything.”  He doesn’t like when people spend money on him.

b) When he want’s something (which isn’t often) he just goes out and buys it.  Last week some new video game came out, and he just went to the store the day it came out and bought it, ass!  I could have totally gotten him it for Christmas if he could wait that long for it!

c) He is very picky and particular –he isn’t afraid to return a gift he dislikes.

This year it took me a little longer to find Justin’s Christmas gifts, but thankfully I finished last week!  I won’t say what things I got him, in case he reads this, but I thought I’d share with you all some of the gifts that I’ve given him over the past 7 years (Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines…etc) that have been a hit.  These gifts range in prices from next to nothing, to more extravagant, so hopefully there is something that you like that fits into your budget! 

1) A list of 100 reasons why I love him –to this day he says that it is the most thoughtful gift he has ever received.

 2) Video Games –all boys love these, just find out which gaming system he likes and what types of games he enjoys playing.  If all else fails, ask his friends what cool game is coming out that he might like.

 3) TV Series- Justin really loves The Office, so I bought him the entire collection over the period of a few holidays (the show was still on television at the time, so I had to buy the seasons as they were released)

4) A homemade coupon book with coupons that ranged from cute things, to naughty things, to date nights, movie nights…etc

5) Something technology related –one year Justin mentioned that he was maybe going to get a bigger, better computer screen on boxing day.  I remembered this and went out and got him one…with the help of the dudes at the computer store who pointed me in the direction of a good computer monitor because I don’t know anything about computers!

 6) Cologne- When Captain America came out Diesel made a really cool Captain America Cologne, it came in the neatest bottle and smelled really good!

7) Workout/hobby/sports related stuff –Justin is big into biking so one year I bought him new biking gear, from a specialty bike store that he likes. 

8) A surprise trip –Justin looooves nascar race car crap so one year when some car race thingy was happening in Toronto in the summer, I took him and got us tickets for the car race thing.  It was terribly boring (for me) and hotter than hell, but he LOVED it!  I was a student at the time, but had tons of Airmiles, so I used those for our flights, and at that time my older brother was living in Toronto, so we stayed with him and his girlfriend, making it a great trip for a minimal cost!

 9) A watch- Fact: guys love watches.  Justin really likes those “skeleton” style watches.

10)A Gift basket full of his fave things: fave alcohol, coffee, candy, snack, movie, book, video game, anything and everything he likes!

If none of these ideas sound like something your guy would like, I say when in doubt go with sports stuff!If he has a fave team buy him a jersey, or game tickets or something like that!Or if he isn’t into sports, how about a beer basket?Justin doesn’t really drink much, but his brothers both love beer so one Christmas I just went into the Liquor store and bought random individual beers from different places and different brands, ones they had never heard of, and would probably never have tried otherwise, and they really loved this gift!

I hope this helps you in your Christmas shopping quest!  If you have any great gift suggestions for him I would really love to hear them, so please share!!!!

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