Black Forest Cake

Happy Friday Lovebugs!

I don’t know about you guys, but this week has felt suuuuper long for some reason, and I’m so ready for the weekend!  The Twincesses have been their usual crazy selves, and I like the weekends because I’m not outnumbered when Hubby is home!  It’s always nice to have some backup when you have 2 monster toddlers!

Speaking of Hubby, it was his 32nd Birthday last week!  Ever since we started dating 8 years ago (it’s our dating anniversary this weekend<3) I’ve made him a different type of cake/cupcakes every year.  I’ve made him a race car cakes, angry bird cupcakes, homemade ice cream cake, reese’s peanut butter cake….etc and this year I tried to make his fave cake, a Black Forest Cake.

You guys, it was surprisingly easy, and tasted waaay better than the store bought kind!  So, for today’s Fave Recipe Friday I thought I’d share with you my recipe!  I started with my basic chocolate cake recipe  that I shared with you all a few weeks ago, and went from there!

FYI traditional German Black Forest Cake uses a cherry brandy but I don’t like it, and didn’t want The Twincesses getting drunk off Hubby’s birthday cake LOL!  So add some if you want to, but it does change the taste quite a bit.

You’ll notice that I chose to decorate the outside of the cake with chocolate curls, this is totally optional!  If you want to do so, what I did was grab a leftover Easter bunny from my freezer, and grated it with a cheese grater, while frozen.  If you don’t have any chocolate you could also use that extra cake layer, crumble it into a fine crumb texture and use that to rub onto the outside of the cake!  Either way the cake will be delicious!  



I’m always looking for new cakes to make, so if you have any great recipes, please share them with me in the comments!  And please let me know if you try this one out! 

I hope you all have a great weekend, with beautiful weather, well behaved children, and lots of fun!


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