Beach Vacation (with a toddler) Must Have Products

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I’m back from Cabo and it sucks to be home!  Just kidding, it’s not horrible, just…cold. We had a great time but I am kinda glad to get back into a regular routine and back to my PVR 😉 lol 

Since this was our third beach vacation with The Twincesses, Hubby and I have learned what products are really great to bring alongside the obvious essentials like sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.  So, I thought I’d share some Beach Vacation Must Have’s with you today! 


JJ Cole Essentials Blanket

Sitting on a sandy, wet blanket on the beach makes me so annoyed and uncomfortable!  Last summer when I saw a mom wiping up spilled juice off her beach blanket, and noticed that the juice didn’t soak in, rather just beaded off (without leaving any trace) I was in shock.  Where does one find this miracle of a beach blanket? I immediately asked her where it was from and what brand and went off to buy my own later that week.  I love the JJ Cole Essentials Blanket.  It’s a large (5”x5”) travel friendly, waterproof blanket/playmat that folds easily into messenger bag.  


FASTEN Swimsuits

You guys know what a germophobe mom I am, so when I discovered FASTEN and they offered to send The Twincesses swimsuits, I was so freakin’ excited!  They look like regular one piece swimsuits, but they’re genius because they open at the waist. FASTEN uses hidden magnets at the waistline to make diaper changes and bathroom breaks so much easier, quicker and cleaner!  And bonus, the swimsuits are absolutely adorable!   




UV Protection Tent

Obviously the sun’s rays are not the safest, but the best part of a beach vacation is being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine!  By bringing a lightweight sun protection tent with you to the beach you can make sure your little’s are safe from UV rays when not swimming, and give them a nice shady spot to rest if/when they get tired.  

Water Shoes

Speaking of sun, it makes the sand and cement super freaking hot to walk on!  Water shoes will protect tiny feet from burning and also potential cuts from rocks or shells in the water.  Also, if your kids are anything like mine and insist on running by pools, water shoes will keep them from slipping and falling.


Puddle Pals

Helps keeps kids safe and stable in the water while they’re learning to swim.  These were amaaaazing to have in Mexico with The Twincesses.  The very first day we tried them The Twincesses taught themselves to swim.  They were so confident and proud of themselves, and we didn’t have to worry about them drowning!  We bought ours at Costco, but apparently there is a similar product called Puddle Jumpers available elsewhere. 





Swim Cover-Up Towel

Regular towels are way too big and bulky for little kids to carry and keep on.  Every year we find a cute cover-up/towel dress for the Twincesses.  This year we found adorable Tinker Bell one’s at The Disney Store!


Beach Toys

Sand and water toys are essential to fun!  Bring along pails, shovels and beach balls to keep kids entertained all day!  The Twincesses would spend hours every day, digging in the sand and building sand castles in Mexico!  You can find beach toys are pretty much and grocery store, toy store, or dollar store.






Long, hot days on the beach can make for some very thirsty kids!  Keep them hydrated and refreshed with drinks that stay cold all day in a thermos!

Are there any other great beach vacation products that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!  

Have a fantastic rest of your week Lovebugs!


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