Airplane Themed Birthday Party for Toddlers


You guys, I have a confession: I hate airplanes.  Unfortunately for me my hubby has passed down his love of aircrafts to The Twincesses.  He even bought a family membership to our local aviation museum in the spring, and takes our (now) threenagers regularly.  I went once, died of boredome, and now I refuse to go.  Instead this momma is smart, and gets dropped off at the mall when my airplane lovin’ family decides to go!  It’s a win for me because I get to shop- for fun, BY MYSELF! Hallelulah! 

Anywho, The Twincesses (with help from hubby, I suspect) decided months ago that they wanted to have an airplane themed birthday party, so I’m sharing with you all today how I put one together for my crazy  threenagers! 



 We chose The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada as the location (so I was forced to attend a 2nd time) because it’s in our city, it was affordable for us, we have a membeship and it’s almost right next to the airport!  There are over 300 Aviation museums in North America so if your city has an aviation museum this is perfect!

 If your city/town doesn’t have an aviation museum don’t fret!  You can have a fabulous airplane themed party ANYWHERE!  Home, community centre, playzone, even some airports allow parties! 



You can save yourself a lot of time and stress by paying a bakery to make an airplane cake, or some other aviation type themed cake/cupcake.  Or if you’re nuts like me and you prefer a little DIY baking, many craft stores like Bulk Barn and Michaels have airplane cake moulds, or you can do what I did, make a rectangular 9×13’’ cake, stare at one of many model airplanes that your husband has, and cut the cake in a few different places and piece it together into the shape of an airplane, then frost it.  Another great option would be making cupcakes and topping them with airplane candies or mini airplane toys. 



In the springtime Walmart happened to be clearing out Disney Planes party supplies, so we bought plates, napkins, tablecloths, and some stuff for loot bags.  I found various airplane figurines and toys at my local Dollar Tree, but any Dollar store is also great for party décor in general, such as streamers, balloons, banners, candles…etc.  I also used google images to print up pictures of animated airplanes, fuel station, and luggage to go along with homemade signs.   Also for fun I made a poster board with pictures of The Twincesses, their current height, weight, and a list of their favorite things.




  I bought cotton candy from the grocery store, portioned it out into ziplocs and made labels to attach to the baggies that said “candy clouds”.  If you can track down an airplane shaped cookie cutter (usually found at crafting stores) you can make airplane sugar cookie pops by adding a lollipop stick (dollar store) into the cookie before baking, and decorate as desired.  Aside from those two airplane themed treats we just did pizza, veggies and some chips, but you could totally get creative and come up with more cool food if you have the time and energy.  We had a large party of 50 so that was about as much effort as this momma could put in.  I did however put signs above the drinks labelling them as “jet fuel”, and above the food as “in flight snacks” to go with our theme!


 Aviation museums give a guided tour of the museum where everyone can see all the airplanes and even go inside some of them, the kids LOVED it!  Our museum also has an upstairs playzone where the kiddos can run around and play with a few aviation themed things like a security check and a mini airplane where kids can pretend to be a pilot.

If you aren’t having your party at a museum you could get creative and have a paper airplane making competition and see whose plane can fly the farthest, you could watch the Disney Planes movie, or instead of “pin the tail on the donkey” you could play ”pin the pilot on the airplane”.  I bet a quick Google or Pinterest search could also help you come up with more fun activities!

Loot Bags-

This is very important to children!  I made a sign that said “baggage claim” and kept the loot bags inside of a real suitcase for the kids to pick up at the end of the party. We were lucky enough to find Disney Planes loot bags and activity books also on clearance at Walmart, so we bought those.  I also found Styrofoam flying airplane models at the grocery store, and airplane shaped whistles at Dollar Tree.  For the boys I also bought a few more knick knack toys from the dollar store, a car, bubbles, dinosaurs and some candy treats as well.  For the girls I also added bubbles, candies, and some princess items like rings, stickers, and fairy wands! 

There are sooo many more great tips and ideas on the internet, so no matter how big your party or your budget is, you can totally have a great airplane themed birthday party for your kiddo! 

What was the last themed party you hosted or attended?


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