Age Appropriate Chores for Littles

 I don’t know about you, but the chores around my house just keep piling up, and a few months ago I decided to enlist some help.  No, I didn’t hire a cleaning lady (although that would be freakin’ awesome), instead, I started giving The Twincesses chores to do!

Having little ones help with household chores not only helps you out, it teaches them about responsibility, cleanliness, and gives them a sense of pride once they’ve completed their given chores!

You definitely have to adjust your expectations when your kids do chores, the job probably won’t be done as well as if you had done it, but the point isn’t perfection, so just be mindful of this when your child is helping with the household chores,  and praise them often!

Whether you choose to give your child an allowance or some other reward upon completion of their chores is totally up to you.  I personally don’t, because I don’t want my girls to think that responsibilities should be about money, however I think that once The Twincesses are older and want to earn some money, I would be open to paying them to do extra chores that I wouldn’t normally have them do, such as cleaning the toilets, ‘cause that’s just gross and nobody should have to do that without a reward!

I’ve created a list of Age Appropriate Chores for Littles to share with you all!

 These chores are just examples and a guideline you can refer to.  You know best what your child is capable of and how much responsibility they are ready to handle!  If you can think of any other chores to add please let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Age Appropriate Chores for Littles

  1. I’m totally saving this to show my 8 year old asking her to take out the recycling isn’t me being a mean mom lol! Thanks for sharing

  2. Great list! I have my 2.5 year old help with some things. She picks up her own toys and puts her (plastic) dishes in the sink. I’m going to add matching up socks!

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