5 Time Saving Tips for The Holiday Season

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Can you believe that it’s almost December? The holiday season crept up so quickly this year! Thankfully I’m just about ready for all of the parties, gatherings and festivities, because this year I implemented some new time saving strategies to avoid the chaos and stress that often accompanies the holidays, and I’m sharing them with you today!


1. Do all of your holiday baking in one shot! My rule is, if I’m going to turn my kitchen into a disaster zone, I’m only doing it once! So, I dedicate an entire day to holiday baking. I make a few dozen shortbread, gingerbread and sugar cookies, as well as cupcakes and cakes, then pop them into the freezer until December arrives!

2. Get your gift shopping done early! Figure out your budget, create a list of gifts you need to buy, then go shopping whenever you are in the area of the stores you need to shop at! I like to have all of my shopping done before the end of November, to avoid crazy mall crowds and line-ups.

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3. Don’t forget to wrap those gifts! There’s nothing worse than procrastinating on your gift wrapping, and then December 24th rolls around and you have to wrap what feels like a billion presents!  Wrap those gifts ASAP and keep them in a closet, or wherever they will be out of sight, especially from the kiddos!

4. Make reservations! Whether it’s for dinner at a restaurant, or pictures of the kids with Santa, making reservations will save you from having to waste your time waiting in a restaurant lobby, or in line for pictures at the mall while the kids run wild.

5. Get help! If you can’t find the time for things like grocery shopping, or shoveling snow, delegate these tasks to your spouse, older children-or even better, hire services to do some of the chores for you!  It’s basically a holiday gift to yourself!


I hope my tips help you to better navigate the busy holiday season, and to make the most of your precious time!  Do you have any other great time saving tips? Let me know in the comments.


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20 thoughts on “5 Time Saving Tips for The Holiday Season

  1. These are great time-saving tips!! I wish we did more of them ?! We have the idea of getting all of our stuff bought and wrapped early but it NEVER happens… #goals.

  2. First off your girls look so cute in their festive outfits. Second amen on number 1!!! I could not agree more if my kitchen is going to look like a bomb went off I only want to do it once.

  3. Great tips and adorable helpers!!! I agree with getting all the baking done at once! Definitely helps with time and stress! Happy Holidays!!!

  4. These are really excellent tips! I love the idea to do so many of the things early – baking, shopping, etc. Shopping online is a great way to save time. I’ve also got a JORD watch and I love it! You chose a really great looking one! I hope you have a great Christmas season!!

  5. You have some great tips. One thing I need to do is wrap the presents early. I can’t begin to tell you how many Christmas eve’s we were up wrapping. I am trying to get my shopping done early too.

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